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Liberation Community Decision: TFAR V ACRE **Read First**

Liberation Community Decision: TFAR V ACRE **Read First**  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Which radio mod would you like to see used on Liberation?

    • Acre (Current)
    • TFAR

This poll is closed to new votes

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For Several months now we have been using ACRE on EU3 with varying degrees of success.
Thanks to the amazing work of our dev team all known issues caused by mission code have been found and squashed, we have been tweaking the settings on the back end to improve user experience. However, we are still getting reports of players having problems with Acre. To that end we thought it would be a good time to put it to you the players again.


(For game nights we have decided to leave it up to the mission maker to decide if they want to use ACRE or TFAR)

There has also been back end adjustments to EU3 to allow for mission makers on to decide which mod to use and we have seen a few missions using TFAR.

We now have to decide as a community which mod to use on Liberation as the 24/7 community mission.

A small (non exhaustive) list of pros and cons can be found below.




- Has an auto installer for the TeamSpeak plug-in

- Simple for a rifleman to get to grips with


- Caused issues with Liberation and loadout assignment (Fixed)

- Could be considered too hardcore (more realistic radios and effects meaning more severe interference and more for the user to deal with)

- Players still reporting sporadic issues which cannot be reliably recreated or tested




- Known to work with all our missions already (practically seamless transition if switch is made)

- Simple and easy to use in the sense of practicality
- Less hardcore in the sense of functionality (very clear radio transmissions, more powerful radio ranges, alternative channels, less terrain/weather interference)


- Previously spotty consistency with select players (development spiked once we switched and multiple updates have rolled out with bug fixes)

- No auto installer for the TeamSpeak plug-in (we have a quick guide for installation https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/12153-how-to-install-tfar-and-the-teamspeak-addon/)


Final Note: The decision of this poll will stand for a period of at least a year to maintain a sense of stability in the modset.

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9 minutes ago, Noah_Hero said:

"Don't care" might've been a good idea as third option as this way I wont vote. If others do the same it in turn makes it hard for you to estimate when a representative amount of votes have been cast/everyone had the chance to vote, so you can close the poll.

Surely the dont care option is to not vote? if you dont care and there is an option we would go with the other option from the two that show who does care. This would mean that having a 3rd option is redundant

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25 minutes ago, GhostDragon said:

if you dont care and there is an option we would go with the other option from the two that show who does care.

As I said, this would just be to give you a better overview if about everyone in the community has voted/had the chance to vote. This way you have to guess that everyone who hasn't voted actually does not care like me, meaning you could put people at a disadvantage who did not had time to vote when the poll closes as you just assume they don't care as well.

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11 minutes ago, Bomer said:

Having had to make a fair share of questionnaires for my studies and UX projects. Knowing the number of people that don't care is very helpful in gathering data and forming a decision. 

It is, but in the situation of this, surely a "I dont care" option just indicates you do care but are not going to either side, that impacts us none, since we will go with the majority vote on the side that does care, while taking into account viability for our servers. 


Plus anyways looking at number of responses and the general understanding of the community base and size, Im 99% sure we can use logic to determine if we have a representative sample of the community. 

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Poll closed with a conclusive community decision. Staff will begin the transition of Liberation to TFAR. This will likely take a few weeks so bear with us.


More info will be given closer to the changeover when we have a better idea of a change over date.


Thanks for voting and having your say in the community.

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