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Its been quite a time since ive left. And still, after all the time, nobody contacted me about the steamgroup of over 1300 members.

Finally i made the step to Lindi to ask him about the who and what to do, since his advise is to hand it over to Ryko, but dear Ryko is not in the group,...so its not possible to make him the owner.

Since i feel no responsibility for the steamgroup of this community anymore im at the point of promoting someone random or get rid of it in any other way.


It is the account i have retrieved from Baconmop at the time. This costed me alot of time and something else, so it is a pitty to dump this group, on the other hand, if no one values this group anymore i dont see it having a future. But its up to you, so tell me (not on this platform) what to do, asap please. Im in TS this evening for about a hour.


Best regard,




PS: my email is still the same.

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Not the owner indeed,


still a pitty it takes over 2 (!) years and a word from me to get out this group as whatever function you call it. Your response on this forum is the opposite to that of me letting me sit in the steamgroup so long... 9 minutes vs more than 2 year, impressive...for all the wrong reasons.



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