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CPL | A. Shepherd


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In-game name when banned: CPL | A. Shepherd


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Banned for Uncalled CAS & Ignoring Admin


Why do you think you were banned? USing an AA jet for CAS


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I had absolutely 0 Knowledge of this rule, And I wasn't ignoring staff, Apparently He sent a side chat message, I was in TS, I wasn't looking at chat. He made no attempt to see if I was in TS, And I feel like if someone is breaking a rule, you shouldnt just ban them, You should actually speak to them, And explain what is wrong that they are doing, and how to do it properly. there was ALMOST 0 communication from the staff team before I was banned. Let me also point out that I haven't even played on this server for 12 hours. This was my very first day on the server. Also, The reason is incorrect, He said that I was banned for Uncalled CAS, But the CAS was requested on a T100 Tank, And he said I ignored staff, But he only made one attempt to reach out to me, (And I never seen the message he refers too in side chat) When the actual reason was CAS in an Unauthorized vehicle. I also had crashed the plane after my 2nd airstrike, and wasnt even in the plane for at least 3 minutes when I was banned. Which means I did get out like he asked, yet I still got banned. [Addtl Info gathered after the fact: @4:20:52 PM | (Group) CPL | A. Shepherd: Is CAS Needed anywhere 
it is clearly in Group chat and not Side chat, This was my mistake as I thought I was in a chat my team-mates could see, Because they could hear me talking in the channel. But you see that I was trying to work as a team, Its just really unfortunate I get banned when I was just trying to play Obj and assist my team. I didnt see him tell me to get out 5 mins after taking off in a fixed wing ( Which was technically an AA Asset ), and focusing on the mission. 

[4.4.1.If you are operating a support asset like a mortar or a CAS plane/helicopter you are not allowed to kill the entire AO.  Support assets are there to support the infantry this means that infantry have to call these support assets in.]  At the time of the offense, I thought to have been called in, So I came and began working on the tank. Secondly, I took off directly after the CAS message, as a teammate marked a tank. @4:25:11 PM | (Side) William: Shepherd, no CAS with an AA jet. Land it - William Tells me to get out the jet in side chat, I dont see this as I was doing CAS on the marked tank and was trying not to kill myself. I do not have a timestamp of my death, But I crashed while conducting my 3RD strike on the tank, and immediately spawned at Pilot base, Where I got into a hummingbird, checked what vehicles are spawned at the base, landed the hummingbird and went to enter a ghost hawk, (at least 90-120 seconds of me at base) As I go to get into the ghost hawk, I got banned. So Even though I never even saw him tell me to get out, I was already transitioned back into Rotory.


Which administrator banned you (if known): William


When were you banned: 11/26/2020


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Added additional information that was gathered after the fact
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Hello @ShepherdLaw


You were banned for 3 days on the 26th of November. 



4.  Invade and annex rules.


Upon entering an AhoyWorld I&A server you agree to abide by the following rules.  Any breaking of the rules can result in sanction being applied by a member of staff.  These sanctions can include, but are not limited to, warning, in-game punishment,  kicking, temporary ban and permanent ban.  Which action should be taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the staff member(s) present at the time and left to the discretion of this/these member(s) of staff.

If you see any player breaking these rules, please report them to staff immediately, or use the player report form.


Ignorance of the rules isn't really a defence here. They are available at the forums and they are also available in game. You are even shown a popup when joining the server informing you about this. Also stated above things are dealt with on a case by case basis by the administrator(s) present at the time. That also means the administrator in question chooses weather to address you via chat or TS. In adition to this your TS nick and in game nick were not the same so connecting the two nicknames isn't a given.

I see you joined the server and jumped head first in the deep end. Had you spent some time getting to know the rules and people on TS maybe asking some questions you would have been informed how Close Air Patrol vehicles are not suited for Close Air Support. You might have learned that they also tend to end up wasted assets while trying to attack heavily armoured targets with weapons very ill suited for the task. Key word here is wasting high value assets. 

We do usually work on a warn > kick > ban principle, but since the same rule had been infringed upon and the issue was dealt with shortly before your infringement,  it should be clear for everyone present at the time what the rules and consequence are. I would have been quite sympathetic with your case had you apologized for breaking the rules, but instead I read the appeal as how we should interpret out own rules and how our admins should do their job. I am very hard pressed to find any remorse in the appeal.


...and finally I cannot look past leaving Team Speak just to re-join shortly after as C..T and poking the banning admin with a drive by insult. This is pure disrespect toward a member of staff, complete disregard toward the rules of conduct and sprit of our community and a rotten thing to do. 


For this your ban appeal is not only unsuccessful but I will be prolonging your ban to 90 days.


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