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New AW Award ideas wanted


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Hello members,


  With the AW Awards approaching we thought that opening up new ideas for Awards from you would be refreshing. The usual Award format will still be there but would like new ones from our members. Please post your idea(s) below.

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If anyone wants a reminder of what the current awards are:

Or probably better just check the submissions from last year, some of which are quite funny:


As for a category I would like to see:

Best screenshot from AW or AW events (we capture a lot of cool moments from events, would be cool to see some more shared) 



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Player with the overall shortest time to KIA/respawn on any server.
Player with the most damage to team members by backblast.
Player with the longest time on (any) server while having the lowest kill ratio.
Most swearing player.
PLayer with the lowest/highest shouting/swearing to kill ratio.
Most hard to understand mic input/line in player on AWE.

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Favorite Female Player 🤣


I jest. 

What about Carpocalypse Now: Player who wrecks the most enemy vehicles in a non-pilot / UAV role.

There is also Saving Private Cryin’: The Player who makes the most Zeus requests.

“But you ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan”: The player who states the obvious constantly, either in TS or in-game.


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