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Community Update #10 - Xwatt Departs


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feels like yesterday when you crossed my path back in the days of olde I+A 2.x and its kind of a way you walked down here to this point since then

We had quite some laugh and i m glad to see my prediction you becoming CS didnt turned out that bad after all as i imagined

Also,i still recall that utterly surprise when you handed me my ass on HLL in comparison to your ARMA skills tehehehe


Heads up,job well done


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The CS team of the time inherited a ship in rather choppy waters, but I'm glad you took the helm when you did, @Xwatt. The grey hairs you got from it certainly befit the patience you had with us, as you steadily reminded AW of what it is: just some mates playing games together.


Cheers mate. Best of days and we'd better see you around.

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Good work, @Xwatt


I'm all to familiar with having a busy work schedule so I can sympathise, thank you for the time and effort you put into helping the community grow!

Hopefully you'll show face at game-nights in the future and we can trade insults like old times.


Don't forget to pick up your AW Worst Driver™ award on your way out! 😄

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