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AhoyCoin - Testers Needed



With recent additions, AhoyCoin's become a little bigger and a lot more complicated. I'm looking for people to help with code (even if it's just your input on how to add features / how to make the code more efficient), provide suggestions, report bugs and test, test, test. If you're immediately interested, make sure you're registered over at GitHub and give me your username. The project will be managed from there.

Main source code can be found at https://github.com/Ahoy-World/AhoyCoin/tree/master/src/uk/co/ahoyworld

If you're at all interested in AhoyCoin I encourage you to register your interest in this thread. It's just entered beta and I need a userbase to start testing it as much as possible. Do ridiculous things with it. I want you to try and break it. If it survives a multitude of mad-men purposefully attempting to break the system, it should be fine in any other situation.

For those of you who aren't yet aware of what AhoyCoin is for and how we use it, here's the low-down.

What is AhoyCoin?

AhoyCoin is an in-house plugin developed to work alongside iConomy, allowing our playerbase to buy and sell items to and from a collection of 'towns' throughout the Minecraft world. Prices are managed dynamically through town tax rates, tax on specific items and specifically-set prices for that extra little bit of control.

To make the plugin even more like a true economy, prices are affected by stock levels for that town, which rise and fall as players buy and sell as well as scheduled deliveries that replenish stock, individually set for each item.

What does it mean for the player?

Using AhoyCoin, the player will have access to items in an ever-changing economy. Dynamic supply and demand means that a smart trader can take advantage of certain situations and, through sometimes travelling huge distances, are able make a pretty profit if they do it right.

To see the price of an item, simply punch the sign! You'll receive a message along the lines of "Buy 4 Apples from Drammar for 50 Gold?" and all you have to do to confirm the purchase is right-click! If you'd like to sell, simply punch the sign a second time. You'll be given a quote for the selling price and can, once again, confirm by right-clicking!

What does it mean for creators?

Shops are often a pain to create and, in other addons, require linking chests and even using redstone! With AhoyCoin, it's easy. Simply make a sign with the following information:

1st Line: [Vendor]
2nd Line: Town Name
3rd Line: Item Name
4th Line: Quantity[/CODE]

For example:


Punch the sign, it'll confirm the details and you're done! Players can now buy and sell buckets using that sign and stock and pricing will be automatically managed for you!

[size=4][b]What else does AhoyCoin do?[/b][/size]

Regardless of whether or not you actually want to know the answer to that question, you're about to find out.


AhoyCoin also manages what we're calling 'Projects'. While this may later be moved into a seperate plugin, right now it's being managed under the AhoyCoin umbrella. So Projects are more-or-less global quests that the whole server can get behind and work towards. They're structures or improvements that cannot be built unless a certain resource and/or money requirement is met.

As an example, imagine that Drammar has a small wood chopping station. It only has a maximum stock of 20 and replenishes just 5 wood every 3 days. Using Projects, however, a creator sign could be placed proposing a new Lumber Mill to be built. One sign is placed for each resource needed, stating the project's name and the quantity of the resource needed. Players can 'donate' resources and money to each sign, contributing towards the Lumber Mill. When all the resource requirements have been met, the Lumber Mill will be built and Drammar will now have a maximum wood stock of 50, replenishing 15 wood every day.

Using this method, players can improve towns that they make their home, allowing for a greater feeling of belonging and contribution to the community as a whole.

Aside from the obvious benefits of better shops, however, the advantages of donating resources and money is still somewhat limited. Do you have an idea for how we could reward players who donate? Maybe they receive a discount of 5 or 10% when shopping at that particular Lumber Mill?

That's all for now. However, as I said, if you have any suggestions or are interested in testing and using AhoyCoin and/or its Projects feature, please get in touch by either registering your interest in this thread or PMing me.

Hope to hear from y'all soon.

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