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I&A 4 secondary (side) missions and sub-objectives


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Hi folks,


Invade & Annex has a main objective to assault and secure an area of operation somewhere in the mission terrain; and when completed, it selects a new area and creates the next main objective there.  In the context of those main objectives there are usually sub-objectives, which add flavour to the main mission, which may also be mandatory to complete the main objective.  Further, there are also secondary objectives; side missions which are completely separate to the main objective.


The purpose of this thread is to document what these missions are, and to allow suggestions for new sub- and secondary- objectives.  We welcome your suggestions for new sub- and secondary objectives, in order to keep the game interesting.


There is a big caveat to these kinds of missions, however; ArmA does some things very well, and other things very poorly.  Anything that requires the AI to drive from one point to another is just asking for trouble, so your convoy missions, reinforcement missions, and even defense missions will likely not survive from the suggestion phase.   It's just too hard to figure out how to get the AI to cooperate with what you're asking them to do.


Secondary missions can fail; sub-objectives cannot.  Please feel free to add your ideas to this thread and we can discuss if they can be implemented.


So, without further ado, here is the list of sub-objectives:



I&A 4 Sub-objectives:


  • Destroy Ammo Depot: a camo tent containing a supply crate is randomly spawned in the main AO.  Defended by a light infantry.
  • Attack Helicopter: one or two (depending on player count) enemy helicopters are spawned with dismounted crew.  If players are detected, the crew will mount the helicopters and attack detected players.  If no players remain, the helicopters will attempt to escape. Spawns on airfield objectives only.
  • Anti-air vehicle: an extra anti-air vehicle spawns and must be destroyed.  Also spawns an additional APC/IFV.
  • Command Center: a military cargo building spawns with two power structures.  The building is populated by a small squad as well as mounted static machine guns. A single squad patrols. The building must be destroyed.
  • Enemy officer: a small command squad spawns garrisoned in a building. The officer must be killed.
  • Elite squad: a large overstrength infantry squad spawns with a patrol order. The squad has very high skill and has an assortment of weapons.
  • Mortar squad: a small squad spawns equipped with a mortar. The mortar will target groups of players that the enemy has detected who do not move.
  • Radar vehicle: an enemy radar vehicle spawns with light infantry and an anti-air infantry team. The radar must be destroyed.
  • Repair depot: a tent hangar spawns with a repair station and a damaged, unfueled, uncrewed and unarmed heavy enemy vehicle. The depot is defended by light infantry. The repair station must be destroyed.


and the list of secondary (side) missions:



I&A 4 Secondary missions:


  • Capture UAV: an enemy UAV has been shot down. The UAV must be located and the players must download the intel from it.
  • Destroy SAM site: a SAM launcher and radar spawns, with light vehicle and infantry defending. The players must destroy the SAM launcher and radar.
  • Destroy Artillery: two artillery vehicles spawn, with light vehicle and infantry defending. The artillery units must be destroyed. The artillery will target players similar to the mortar sub-objective above, even across the map.
  • Destroy Mobile Transmitter: several enemy vehicles spawn, one is a transport vehicle equipped with a radar dish. The vehicle must be disabled and its intel downloaded. Once the intel is downloaded the vehicle must be destroyed.
  • Destroy Cache: a supply cache has been stolen by the enemy: locate it, download its valuable intel, and then destroy it.
  • Destroy Tank Platoon: several armor vehicles must be destroyed while they are being repaired by the enemy.
  • Kill High Value Target: a high-ranking enemy officer must be located and terminated.
  • Capture High Value Target: a high-ranking enemy officer must be located and captured.
  • Rescue Civilians: four civilian hostages have been taken by the enemy; they must be located and rescued.
  • Destroy Radio Tower: destroy a radio tower.
  • Destroy Prototype Tank: the enemy are field-testing an advanced tank. The tank is heavily armed and armored, and defended by light infantry and anti-air units.
  • Disable East Wind Device: the enemy are field testing the East Wind Device, capable of initiating earthquakes. Locate and disable this device. Earthquake tremors will occasionally occur to players in the area of the mission.
  • Disable Radiological Device: the enemy are field testing a radiological device. The device must be located and deactivated. Players in the mission zone will take radiation damage unless they are equipped with CBRN gear including a specific uniform, face mask and backpack which are present in the Contact DLC.


In addition, I am developing certain missions which will activate only during the mission night cycle: stealth missions, which require the player(s) to remain undetected by the enemy.


  • Steal Documents: locate and steal enemy documents without being detected by the enemy.


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Side Mission Request:


Destroy EMP Device: The enemy have deployed a highly sophisticated EMP device capable of disabling vehicles and other pieces of equipment. This must be found and destroyed before the enemy can move it to the frontlines. Vehicles in the mission zone will shut down and devices such as nightvision will fail.


Not sure if something like this is possible? I was thinking in terms of vehicles, when they enter the zone, the vehicles run out of fuel or otherwise shut down and the weapon systems onboard cannot be used. Also not sure if nightvision can be made to not work when inside the mission zone.


Again, an ambitious and fun sounding mission I thought, but outside of mods, I'm unsure of how practical this could be?




Sub Objective Request:


Destroy Enemy Scrambler: The enemy have deployed a highly sophisticated Scrambler in the AO which is scrambling our Bluforce Trackers. This must be found and destroyed!


Effectively for this, when it spawns, place a large and highly opaque black shape on the map in the sub objective area (size of your choice). This would effectively mean that the players would not be able to see targets that have been spotted in this area and would not be able to see the landscape of this area.


I think that could be fun because it adds a level of mystery to some AO's. Where a Scrambler is active, players are left in the dark of if there is any friendlies, enemies or landscape features in that area until it is destroyed.




Let me know what you think. Again, the Side Mission may be a bit ambitious but the Sub Objective is something I see on quite a lot of I&A missions and I believe it could bring some interesting gameplay.

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I've noticed when trying to do the arty mission it will sometimes target players playing it. It will drop red smoke on the guy doing it but not fire, since it's to close to use indirect fire.


If possible it would be cool to have the artillery fire direct fire against players getting close to it.

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4 hours ago, Gustis40g said:

If possible it would be cool to have the artillery fire direct fire against players getting close to it.

Oh man. That would be awesome. But I fear totally impossible from Bohemia's point of view :)


Re the arty mission:


It's 45 plus a random 0-30 seconds between shots, so yeah, probably every minute or so.  So what, double that?

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