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Advanced Sling Loading


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1.     Name the MOD or MAP

Advanced Sling Loading


2.     Describe what it does, or how you see it working

Advanced Sling Loading is like the Advanced Towing, but for aircrafts. It keeps the vanilla automatic sling loading, but also adds a manual sling loading feature.

This feature includes the ability to sling load up to THREE different objects. The user or the pilot can then adjust rope length, drop individual cargo, carry vehicles which the vanilla system can't sling and more. Weight is also a factor in this mod, so the bigger the bird, the bigger the cargo it can lift.



3.     Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request (if available or applicable)



4.     Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it

As of the current iteration of Liberation (BAF VS idk), the Merlin is not able to sling load an infantry vehicle like a Jackal, this should create a workaround. It also allows the ability for a pilot to grab up to three supply boxes at a time across the map, which is a boring drive for logi.

A major improvement is the ability for vortex to pick up captured vehicles and all the pilot needs to do is drop the ropes and let the soldiers hook up the vehicles.


Here's a Pro & Con:
Pro: Sling vehicles that can't be slung with the vanilla system, carry more than 1 object at a time, saves time transporting objects back and fourth, can use the features inside and outside of the aircraft.

Con: It's a manual feature like the towing mod

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