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You will, as time progresses, be able to look at a pilot landing to pick you up from base and decide whether or not the pilot is going to be able to get you to your destination safely, and certain names will stick out in your mind as "do not fly" and "highly skilled" (everyone in between being "normal levels of skilled, and intelligent decision makers").


Having a formal list (even just hosting it) kind of puts AW in a position of responsibility for the quality of pilots as well and that's an additional burden on the (unpaid) staff's time. The current system lets actively bad pilots be dealt with as and when they appear.

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10 hours ago, Art3misZA said:

Can you look at having a dedicated place where we can give referrals for players doing an outstanding job in their specific roles? I think this is especially important for pilots on the I&A server.

What exactly do you mean?  A forum post?  A forum subsection?  Or something in the mission?  In any case, EU1 is for very casual play.  You don't need to have a certain skill level to play (besides being able to identify friend from foe and know the basic arma keybinds).  People who do an outstanding job in specific roles will become know for that over time on the server anyway.  I don't really see a need to have a specific system for this to be honest. 


1 hour ago, TheScar said:

I+A3 is hardly developed anymore

I finished .58 yesterday, it should be on server either today or tomorrow. 

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short answer:



long and respcting human norms answer:

  1. search the forum for "pilot whitelist" - all of this been discussed and ended
  2. I+A3 is hardly developed anymore
  3. try using your memory to recall good experiences
  4. scissors cut paper


enjoy 🍸

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