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Eat Chrispy

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Well I have been playing on Ahoy Worlds's Arma 3 servers for a while now. Just now I ended up throwing a grenade into a bunch of friendlies because I thought G was gear, I called out my mistake and left and I came to make an account.


I am an average gamer like everyone else except that I have a very nice (and expensive) pc that others might not have. Running i5-3570K, GeForce GTX 770, and 16gb of ram.


If you ever want to play a game on steam with me @ eat_chrispy


I have no idea what else to say.

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Welcome to the forums buddehy. As Hoax said above don't mind mishaps like grenadinguyen instead of gear, happens all the time. Just call out your mistake and say sorry and if anyone sends stray bullets at you say"bugger off i said sorry "

Anyhouse welcome to the forums read through the topics and reply to any that fix your fancy, or start a new one up if you don't see one that clicks your clock

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