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7.62 NATO Assault rifles



I would like to suggest adding MK-I EMR and SPAR-17 (without marksman scopes) to non-marksman slots (except heavy load carrying slots). Even though Arma 3 categorized 7.62x51 rifles as marksman rifles, there are many armies in NATO that are using 7.62x51 as assault rifles. Starting from US, they use SCAR-H, Germany were using HK G3, Turks still using HK G3 and in addition they just designed a new rifle couple years ago which is also 7.62 NATO. And Im not even talking about how many NATO members have used/using FN FAL as assault rifles.


But as we all know, all that rifles I counted does not exist in game. So maybe we could use MK-I EMR and SPAR-17 as assault rifles since they look like the mentioned rifles, rather than marksman rifles.

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Honestly I think adding these rifles to most roles takes away from what makes the marksman role important/different.
To be fair to bohemia I think they structured it to have distinctive roles in the game.
Graying the lines between these roles dilutes what makes them important and takes us one step towards the one man army loadout that we want to avoid

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I think the biggest difference between a rifleman using a MX with RCO and a marksman using SPAR-17 with AMS is scopes. Just like in the armies that I stated, most of their riflemans and marksman using the same rifle with just a different scope. Additionally when you think about ingame, Viper unit marksmans using Type 115 with DMS instead of ARCO.


As Im speaking for myself, I cant shoot anything further than 400m without a marksman scope, even if I was holding a M320 LRR. But with help of AMS I can be accurate at 600 - 700m range with a TRG-20.


Also I disagree with idea of, bigger caliber would allow someone to be one man army. Meanwhile 7.62x51 would only make a rifleman more effective against infantry, a LAT launcher in the hands of team leaders or engineers just allowing them to defend theirself against armors, even though thats the job of LAT and AT riflemen.

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