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Are you still be interested in playing rush?  

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  1. 1. Are you still be interested in playing rush?

    • I am still interested in playing rush
    • I'm not interested in playing rush

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With the squad server now up for a while and the new Liberation modset out and the new Liberation mission file made we'd like to know if there are still people who are interested in playing rush.  It'd be with the same modset as Liberation for easier management back-end.  This means a lot of the maps unsuitable for Liberation (zargabad for example) can be used for rush.  We'd also have a lot more options available for factions (All of BAF, all of RHS, all of project opfor).  But before we spend a lot of time making rush playable on these maps and making those factions we'd obviously like to know if there's still interest in Rush. 


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A bit late for a follow up but:  seeing how it's 7-8 against Rush (Fabs voted before knowing what he was voting on and after finding out what he was voting on wanted to change his vote) we're not going to spend a lot of time fixing up Rush.  That being said, I will, once I find some time, port Rush over to the current modset (this should only take me an hour at most) so we have it available to play every once in a while maybe, for example if a gamenight gets cancelled last minute.  It never hurts to have options available. 

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