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Heli crash at spawn

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 Since the update, everytime I try to land at LZ Christine the Heli's obtain MROT damage stall in mid air and crash... I have limited it down to having something to do with the spawn rolls.. Every heard anything about this?

So after further research I have figured out that it is the respawn point... Every time I fly over the respawn point, aircraft stalls with MROT damage and crashes.

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its a glitch in the spawn protection system/script. Its a buggy problem but its better than the alternate, having to have a group of dedicated counter-teamkillers at the spawn shooting a bunch of guys who are too mentally challenged to kill the AI and instead kill their teammates

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As a few people have already mentioned, the issue is the "spawn protection". We use objects called ProtectionZones in I&A 3 that are invisible force-fields stopping bullets going in or out of spawn.


Their functionality is intended for bullets, though it would appear that in the latest patch BIS have either changed that long-running tradition or broken it. Either way, the best way to resolve the issue for now is to turn off the Enhanced Spawn Protection in the parameters of the mission.

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