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Knudde [DECO]


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In-game name when banned: and Knudde [DECO]


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Knudde/racism/repeat/troll(perm)/LH5


Why do you think you were banned? The N word


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I made a new post because I wasn't able to reply on the old post (maybe i'm blind). But Lindi you said that the server keeps a player record for several reasons. My record is trolling etc... etc... and now racism. Look when someone says the N word it does not mean he is a racist :D. You don't make up a context when you see a specific word. Maybe it was not a funny joke in admin (Midnight) view but it was meant to be funny, and therefor it wasn't racism :D. Racism is insulting someone for the sake of hurting someone right? Mine was meant funny, so the intend was not to hurt/insult but actually it was friendly (in a rude way perhaps) there was no sinister deeper evil meaning meaning behind that N word :D. I don't understand this, if you say the ''n word'' you get banned for racism while the word literally means ''shiny black'' in latin, Later on it was used as slang to describe a black person and now the word is forbidden because black persons may not be described anymore by color? So a black person is not black anymore. His color is now a forbidden word, isn't that way more insulting, then just hear the truth? :D If you are black and can't deal with the fact that you are black then you can't handle life. But then again... it was not meant to insult or to be racist, but on the other hand: how dumb are you when you are really insulted by that? Because if you are you simply can't handle anything. So I'm not a racist, im a good player and yes I have trolled a couple of times but overal I play normal and I am not really loudmouthed or noisy on the server. So I would like to appologize to the one (astrasleepy or something, I think his name was) I called the N word if he was actually insulted by that :).


Which administrator banned you (if known): Midnight Runner/ LH5


When were you banned: yesterdazy


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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You may try to justify this which every way you want, the bottom line is no racism or racist remarks are allowed. Team killing, Trolling, Wasting assets are all banable offences. Now I strongly advice you not to spam ban appeals, especially when you obviously haven't thought about your actions on server nor show any remorse.


Permanent bans are never to be taken lightly and in the light of that I'm going to say that you will need to wait at least three months before re-appealing.




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