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AhoyWorld's SQUAD Server Launch!


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Hey all,

As some of you may have already seen or heard, AhoyWorld will be making an official return to SQUAD with our very own public server! Thanks to the efforts of @GhostDragon, we should be up and running shortly with new Squad Moderators on standby to help out in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


Many of you will have noticed a recent spike in SQUAD activity both in and out of this community. This is largely due to the increasing playerbase and active development of SQUAD. It is for this reason that staff deem now the perfect time for AhoyWorld to get a piece of that action! Our own server will not only give existing AhoyWorld SQUAD players a home, but also provides the opportunity for new members to join the community.


However, effort will need to be made in order to get the ball rolling, so we encourage all AW/SQUAD players to join the fun on our server once it's up and running.


Stay posted for updates on AhoyWorld's SQUAD server and I look forward to seeing you all in the field very soon!




P.S. SQUAD is dropping a big update within a week, so be ready for plenty of action.

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