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RUSH, Equal US factions (PvP) 10/08/2020 @17:30 UTC


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RUSH Equal US factions (PvP)

BLUFOR & OPFOR will have the same loadout choices but different camo patterns/types


Map: Stratis, Semi Urban


Server Details: 


Port: 2302


Required Mods:




TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net

Short TS brief at 17:30UTC


Mission length:

2-3 games (rotating teams after each match)

Mission length expected to be 80-120 minutes

First match will start promptly at 17:30UTC


Player slots and squad composition:

Disclaimer: The minimum amount of players needed for the game night to go ahead on the day is 8 players.

60 player slots (2 teams of 30) 

2 man command element (SL & Marksman), 4x 7 man teams (TL, Medic, AR, LAT, Grenadier, 2xRifleman)



BLUFOR must destroy 2 out of 3 of the objectives in each of the three areas. OPFOR must defend the objectives. If BLUFOR can destroy the objectives, OPFOR is pushed back to their next area. BLUFOR has a limited number of tickets and time


Time and Ticket limit

  • 40 minutes per game.
  • BLUFOR has 40 respawn tickets, upon destroying one objective box BLUFOR receives a ticket bonus.
  • OPFOR has no ticket limit

Arming and Disarming objectives:

  • BLUFOR are to arm the objective box's using an add-action (approx 30 sec to arm)
  • OPFOR can defuse the objective box using an add-action (approx 15 sec to disarm)


  • BLUFOR and OPFOR can scavenge for ammo, medical and grenades of dead body's using an add-action.
  • OPFOR members can fully rearm once of each objective box if the box is not armed.
  • BLUFOR and OPFOR can pick up each others weapons of the ground if things get desperate (this feature is not to be used to trade weapons or avoid roles)

Support assets:

  • BLUFOR Squad Lead has access to 1 Darter UAV
  • BLUFOR Teamlead's have access to supply drops through the vanilla support menu

Play area:

  • Each sector size ranges from 300x300 to 700x200
  • Any spawn camping and or exploits to get outside of the play area is strictly forbidden.


Communication & Structure:

BLUFOR & OPFOR will be split equally (give or take 1 slot if we have an uneven number of players)

Radio channels are preset for each squad/team. Platoon has limited discretion for change but squad structure is to be maintained.



Below is what the objective box's look like and approx objective locations:






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