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First rush gamenight feedback

Rush feedback polls  

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  1. 1. What mission length would you be okay with playing (select all the options that you are okay with)?

    • Shorter than current
    • Current mission length is okay
    • Longer than current
  2. 2. Which of the following maps would you be okay with playing (select all the options that you are okay with)?

    • Stratis rural
    • Stratis semi-urban
    • Stratis urban
    • Altis rural
    • Altis semi-urban
    • Altis urban
    • Malden rural
    • Malden semi-urban
    • Malden urban
    • VR - shoothouse (would restrict players to pistols)
    • VR - normal course
  3. 3. Which factions would you like to see (select all the options that you are okay with)?

    • Realistic factions (may mean that blufor and opfor have different armour values, giving one or the other an advantage)
    • Equal factions (giving opfor and blufor the same guns and type of armour but in different camo)

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  • Poll closed on 08/20/2020 at 03:00 PM

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Eventually we'll move this to a more permanent feedback topic but for now we just have a few questions to help us prepare for the next gamenight(s).  In the polls please select all the options that you're okay with playing.  If you have more feedback feel free to leave it bellow. 


A few things that we already know about:

Blufor spawn on the final objective is exposed to sniper fire and needs to be moved back behind the hill.

OPFOR TL respawning with vanilla gear
OPFOR radio channels not being set properly
And more that I can't currently remember but LH5 has it written down, he's just slow and hasn't given them to me yet, so if it's not listed here, feel free to put it bellow.

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-Out of Bounds is shady. I was way within the demarcated area and still got the out of bounds message as Blufor when approaching the 3rd set of targets at the airbase. (When flanking along the right-most line.)
-Before Blufor gets the greenlight for the next set of targets, respawning as Redfor instantly gave me the out of bounds message at the airbase. This should perhaps be pushed back before those 2 minutes for Redfor.
-Spawns at middle set of targets(assaulting final set) for Blufor expose them to take immediate fire from the airbase.

-No use for medics as far as I have experienced, the time wasted on getting someone back up is too valuable as Blufor and with +/- 8 players in a team the tickets are quite luxurious. That said, I don't think the tickets should be any less.
-Seems most Blufor objectives are an uphill battle which is a disadvantage, perhaps slightly skewing the difficulty.
-Maybe add more solid cover across open plains. Concealment works, but it's very, very scarce.
-Maybe limit zoomed optics only to classes that 'should have' zoomed optics. With ACOG's everyone becomes a marksman.
-Every other respawn my radio would not default to the right channel.

Perhaps on future renditions of different maps it would be fun for the attackers to have unarmed vehicles. ATV's. Depending on player count. Or perhaps limited to 2 for each objective.
Maybe Redfor can have a demolitions expert to boobytrap objectives or place tripwires (tripwire flares anyone?), likewise Blufor gets an engineer to disable those.

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The out of bounds is based on the marker on the map, the reason that marker isn't extended more on the final objective is because then you'd get into line of sight of OPFOR spawns, which I can't move back because it'd then take them ages to get to the actual AO.  I'll look into that second thing and the 3rd has already been fixed in the next version.  We've also been discussion what to do with the medic, we haven't reached a conclusion yet. 

As for the uphill battle, we're going to move to another map or place on this map anyway.  We'll also talk about the acogs and I'll have a look at the radio's. 


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