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Operation King Cobra 07/08/2020 17:30 UTC


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Mission Summary

Russian special operators finalized a deal with a local warlord. While main forces are deploying into mainland, the insurgents have heard that the americans are withdrawing and sees this as a chance to fight against their own local enemies. However, the local oppressors are hiding behind american funding and have asked the russians to own up to their deal.


Modset Required


AW_Liberation_Lythium (4).html9.92 kB · 8 downloads


Mission Runtime

Roughly 2 hours 




Friendly Forces

Russian Special Forces (undercover)



Opposing Forces

US Army

Afghan National Army



The warlord says the discussed deal must be honored. He has asked us directly for assistance in attacking the americans head on. However, to avoid an international conflict, we agreed to partake in local uniforms and gear.



Attack american FOB & checkpoint and defend against QRF until the insurgent reinforcements have arrived.



PlatCo / 1-man command element

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf / 5-man infantry teams


Admin & Logistics


- Unlimited

- Teleporters/Spawnpoints will be available throughout the mission



- There will be a restricted ACE arsenal

    - Static weapons are available in the arsenal

- Anything that is unlocked


Command & Control

Overall command lies on Overlord, but the decision in the field lies on the Platoon Commander. 



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