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[AWE] Liberation Wednesday -- NEXT: 05/08/2020 @ 1730 UTC


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Mission Summary

Every Wednesday, we turn a regular bout of Liberation around to show off what we can do when we put our minds to it.

You can expect a solid experience with high emphasis on teamwork and structure, with an established Chain of Command formed before the mission and staff supporting it all.

These are the days when we push for harder objectives or complex operations in combined arms, or try things we normally would not.


Modset Required


For first-time players, read till the end for a setup guide.


Mission Runtime

Roughly 2 hours with a chance to carry on open-ended




Friendly Forces

Russian Armed Forces


Opposing Forces


Currently: Local Guerrilla Forces



A Russian combined-arms counter-insurgency task force has been deployed to the mountainous region of Lythium to deter and squash a local uprising. The insurgents have captured every town and base in the area of operations and are therefore overly well armed, including an armoured corps and jets from the military airfields. They are supplemented by outdated surplus.

Friendly forces have established a foothold near Karift around FOB Alpha and created a buffer zone around it, then pushed further to maintain a firm grasp on the region with FOB Bravo near Bramar.

The enemy retains two last bastions in Kinduf and Kalae.

Progress is unquestionable. Victory is not debatable.



Clear the region of insurgent forces. Capture strategic objectives. Establish favourable relations with the local populace.



TBD by Acting Command every Wednesday

One last push toward victory.



1x 3-man HQ (CMD, RTO, UAV)

3x 9-man Rifle Squads

1x 3-man Fire Support Group

1x 3-man Hammer Crew

2x 2-man Air Crew

1x 2-man Logistics


Admin & Logistics


- Unlimited

- Re-insertions via air at RTO's discretion



- Vehicle deployment at CMD's discretion

- Ammunition and supplies available at the supply depot

- FOBs act as an arsenal 


Command & Control

Operations and ground control lie solely with the platoon commander. RTO handles air traffic and can supplement comms.

Squad leaders are responsible for the operational effectiveness of their teams.








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