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Letters From The Front - 29/07/20

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"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but there's a phone-detonated IED, so Kalae Me Maybe"


Attack on Kalae - 2020-7-29


Alpha 2, Rifleman (AT), Green squad


My account of events, which may be accurate: 


A mad dash to load up vics, absolute hive of activity, followed by a long old convoy to the objective alongside Hammer, with a few IEDs spotted and dealt with. We achieved early eyes on Kalae Village, dismounted and approached in defillade to go loud a bit closer to the enemy.

During this I got domed, but while I waited for reinsert everyone else got killed as well.


After reinserting, I think we lost Hammer and I unknowingly had a broken radio. We managed to capture Kalae Village North (taking some losses to a VBIED set off by a guy with a dead-mans switch and then to blue-on-blue caused when the bomber was being targeted by another squad... didn't help that the victim was CLS!)

Highlight is me hitting the wheels of a vehicle from 550m with an RPG that only ranged out to 300m.


Regrouped, discovered the broken radio situation, remounted and moved to a plateau further down the mountain. Dug in some trenches behind smoke and proceeded to draw a lot of attention, with primary threats being an M113 and a sniper, as well as a few attacks via defillade from Kalae Base.

I launched about 5 RPGs at the M113 and decided that I shouldn't quit the day job...


We made good use of vehicle mounted guns in the attack on the base, but lost both vehicle gunners during the attack (I was one) and so I missed the rest of that objective. I then ditched the RPG part of my loadout in favour of light weight.


Reinserted again, near the radio tower, and retraced steps down to the base, then down into Kalae Village South, where we were working on regrouping with the surviving Alpha force as we ended up in a literal minefield. Patched up 2 engineers who had made a good attempt at disarming a mine, and learned a lesson about spacing.


Regrouped with Alpha. Was given a functioning radio, and proceeded to Kalae HQ with 1 Gaz (the other remained at Kalae Base), where as far as I can tell a total MASCAS happened.


Reinserted (see the theme?) at Kalae Village North, hoofed it down to Kalae HQ, where we transported down to Kalae HQ and linked up with Bravo. We had achieved Phase line Blue.


The next target was Kalae Barracks. Under cover of smoke and mortars, we pushed across the runway and captured small outposts en route to the HQ, providing cover from incursions from other local objectives whilst Bravo went capturing the objective. An Su-25 attempted to take off but was dispatched rapidly.


Whilst this was in place we received word of a counterattack to the West, focussed on the HQ we had previously taken, so we moved to a small outpost East of the runway and suppressed some enemies, and then... my connection failed.


Feedback type stuff:

Other than the comms issues (that I and Riverwolf experienced), which pissed me off immensely, I enjoyed the op. It did feel at times that we were not particularly working in concert with other elements, the later assault with Bravo across the runway was a highlight in multi-squad co-operation and a big morale boost after a challenging OP.
Don't know the nitty gritty of how comms were between squads because I don't monitor 30.

I'd rather not take an RPG in the short term. I think I am more effective in other roles.

I would like it if we have a Forward Operating Base that is close to the front line as the convoy there and the reinserts were lengthy.
The pacing was very strange as a result, and it was theoretically possible to spend 20 minutes out of the battle and immediately have to respawn.

Some weird thing went on with TFAR.


Ok, let's hear your side of the story...

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Dear Diary,


To whom's eyes this may be read from.


Lieutenant SiegeSix, commander of Hammer, commander of both the T-80UM and T-90SM, and his crew, embarked on a horrific journey. 


The T-80UM was a massive failure only surviving 2 rockets in all of 30 seconds of combat. But a quick return with superior armor made quite the difference in the field.

For the T-90SM, our superior on the ground was unmatched. Having to fire more rounds than what we had at our disposable, we killed every higher threat to the half-dead infantry.


Our first engagement from Hammer Fireline proved our support better needed than Reaper. Having to destroy both a rocket technical, heavy MG technical and a dirt sniper, we raised our spirits with small chatter.

After a dear amount of time had passed, the enemy seemed to very unhappy with us, so they tried flanking us, on two seperate occasions. The first one, they managed to fire rockets at us, but missing or otherwise not doing any damage. We managed to kill everyone... every last one of them. Knowing we were marked for death, we relocated further west to get a better view, where a new AT team tried to flank us. These never made it past the ridgeline...


So a tale arise, a savior, a hero, a god amongst men, a true Rambo, who out of his way, came to rescue a silly tank crew. Armed with nothing but a PKP(?), he cleaned up those muppets. A noble Hammer crew, could offer nothing less, then to replace his lost bullets (he got a 100 rnd box mag from us).


Before being flanked by our ineviatable doom, we had a tally of all our kills excluding the infantry:


x2 ZSU Trucks (one were just disabled)
x2 Tanks (and x1 M113)

x7 Technicals (rockets, MG and SPG)

x1 Sniper

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Dear brother Dmitry.

I hope you are doing well, I miss you very much here on the front. How are things back in the motherland?


Today was an interesting day, we were tasked with providing overwatch for Alpha during an assault.


The day started like any other in the army, spending more than an hour just to get to the AO.

Once there we dug a ton of trenches, my back hurt like hell but we kept digging until some unknown voice chimed in over the radio on channel 51. 

<<That's probably enough trenches guys, server is struggling with FPS as is and it will be even worse once Alpha starts their assault>>

I had no idea who it was, or what he was talking about, but I asked the others and they heard the same message, so we figured we should take it as an omen and stop digging.

I’m not complaining, by this time my hands were blistered as well, but the medic just said “toughen up buttercup”.


After a lot of waiting, we had a small group of insurgents flanking us from our left side, we delivered a decisive counterattack and quickly dealt with them, but we lost a comrade in the initial contact. While mourning the loss of our comrade, Alpha requested assistance.


We quickly dumped some static weapons into the truck and made our way over to the hill next to the village to provide fire support.

After digging some trenches, despite what the weird voice said, we had a good overwatch going, but the situation was pretty much handled by then.

There was a lone straggling insurgent flanking alpha and we had to take quick decisive action, no time to call it in.

We managed to kill the insurgent, but it seems we angered alpha and they fired back at us.

Fortunately, alpha are not very good shots, so we took no casualties. 


While we were helping alpha, another group of insurgents were attacking our main trenches from the right side. We loaded the gun back up and drove back to help.


Unfortunately we were too late.


Coming back into the trenches, we returned fire on the insurgents and managed to push them back, but we lost more comrades, including our SL.

While trying to deal with the last of the attack, one of them managed to get me, I am not sure what happened, but I woke back up in our operations base, eager to return to the battle.


Vortex picked up myself and some re-inserts for alpha and flew us back into the field.

Unfortunately the area was still really hot and we have to choose an LZ quite far away from my group.
I radio bravo squad lead and tell him I am on my way, but far out.


While walking back to bravo, I came across a perturbed tank crew. It was kinda hard to hear what they were saying over the noise of the tank, but it seemed they were having some problems with a guy with an RPG.

As I crested the hill, I couldn’t see what they were complaining about, so I scanned the hillside but no one presented themselves.
As I turned back around to face the tank, I heard a bunch of yelling. 

I turned around to see the RPG guy lining up a shot!

I managed to quickly dispose of him and his teammate, but they had another friend.

The insurgent managed to hit me, but the great russian body armor saved my hind, and I took cover behind the hill and patched myself up before dispatching the last insurgent.


The tank crew seemed very relieved and even let me steal an ammo box from their tank.

 I wonder how they will explain the missing ammo to platco, but I thanked them and started the long trek back to my squad. 


Once back, i got tasked with building even more trenches, blyat!

While we were setting up, reaper did a gun run which seemed to piss off the entire HQ we were attacking (Who would have thunk). Luckily our mortar team was quick on the trigger and managed to put a salvo right into the middle of the HQ, destroying an MBT and most of the guard towers. 

The enemies fired mortars back at us, but our crew managed to not only kill the enemy mortar team, but to save one of the mortars for ourselves!


I charged into the HQ alongside my comrades in red team!

We had a quick and decisive victory, but lost some people in the battle. We managed to stabilize an unconscious comrade and placed him in a barrack for the medic to fix properly. 

Once the medic arrived, he got intercepted by someone else who wanted a doctor and he decided to help that one first.
I wondered about the decision to prioritize someone who was walking, over an unconscious casualty, but the medic is the boss so I let him do his job. 

You should have seen the inside of this HQ, it was a maze, so once the medic was done with the first guy, I helped him find the casualty and he managed to save his life while we were repelling a counter attack.


By this time I only had one box left, the one I stole from the tank crew. I put it to good use, taking down some enemies that were attacking my SL. 

I asked where our supply truck had gone, but apparently no one knew, it did not blow up or anything, just disappeared.

I suspect alpha was still pissed and stole it, but I can't be sure. 

We tried asking the voice in the radio, but either he did not hear us or could not help us.
I requested more PKP ammo from my SL, but we did not have time to wait for vortex.


So off I went, looting shitty AK’s with ironshites.

I definitely felt my aim was off, but I did good work even without our fancy new optics.

Anyways brother, I always drone on for too long in these letters, sorry for that. 

Please, take care of mother and say hello to the family from me.


Always yours


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had to goddamn rewrite this because it got deleted when forums took a dump


madhkarati aleaziza,


Habibi Faisal Ahmed, Lee Enfield Sniper, Part Time VBIED Maker.


As Overlord, I was extremely delighted all around with what I seen from all parties. Many people continued to battle on, right up until the server gave in. Communication was on point, despite TFAR being TFAR, and the levels of cohesion and teamplay were astounding.


Alpha did well initially to move into the first objective. Originially I had a PKM nest setup which had direct line of sight of their dismount, but Alpha were quick to move in and rendered the PKM gunner useless. Despite this, they still managed to get wiped out, but were quick to regain the initial foothold they held when they were reinserted. I was delighted with the pace Alpha was moving at, and they didn't get bogged down too much initially. Further at the end of the town half of Alpha fell victim to a VBIED, but could not be blamed for it due to not being told that it was something they should expect. Alpha missed the house with the weapons cache , which had explosives, launchers and weaponary, but it wasn't a massive deal, it would just provided them extra resources which they would otherwise have to loot bodies to find. Later on, the Ikarus bus was set off due to someone killing the unit with the dead mans switch observing the site, and I am unable to confirm whether that caused any casualties. There was confusion amongst ASL as to what was going on with the mines around the bus. Essentially there was a pre placed minefield down, in which it was not noticed that there was a large minefield surrounding the bus until a decent amount of people had triggered them. There is a hilarious twitch clip I caught of Noci and someone trying to defuse a mine, and not realising they were sat on it and crawled into their death. After this I had logged off for an hour or so, and came back to notice they were right in the middle of the airfield. Here, I had pre placed an Su-250, and was waiting for Alpha to get in the middle of the airstrip so they could try to intercept it as it took off. Due to my zeusing errors, where I had placed it means it had clipped the H-barriers, making it unable to turn out onto the airstrip and leading to it getting blown up.


As for Bravo, they were a pain in the ass the ass (from a good point of view) from a zeus perspective. The fort of trenches they built meant they were well covered, and were unlikely to get critically damaged from a head on attack. My snipers, kornets, and whatever I threw at them had little to no impact. They were already "spotted" per say, from very early on, but the only way to get close and personal was to send some squads marching up the hill to attempt to kill them. Which worked maybe once, but most of the squads were lightwork for them. As time went on, the insurgents become more impatient, and had starting to send up more squads and a T-55. Luckily by this time, Bravo were given the move order to go down into the radio tower, avoiding an inevitable fate that was waiting for them if they stayed up by the trenches. Bravo then moved into the radiotower, and eventually linked with alpha to attack the barracks. The attack on the barracks was done brilliantly by both teams, and both alpha and bravo rushed in with so much force and agression that as one zeus, I was completely useless and they made easy work of the barracks. It was amazing to see how easily they were dealt with, despite how many AI were present.


A big thank you goes out to Command, Vortex, Hammer, Reaper, and Logi, who all had important roles to play in shifting the action. I think most importantly a thank you to the grunts on the ground who threw their bodies constantly into the action, dying multiple times but still showing the integrity to fight on. Often the more little roles have the impact on the field, but very often go unnoticed and unthanked for the effort they put in.


On a more personal note, I have been made aware that decisions I had made in Zeus were not made in accordance of positively impacting the gameplay on the ground. A Big thank you to those who went out their way to privately message me and point out the errors, it is this sort of feedback that helps to be the stigma for change. I can affirm myself that I had made decisons that went against the type of gameplay you should expect to see on our servers, and I won't get into the specifics but as Core Staff espeically, I should hold myself to a higher level of standard and should augment gameplay that is best benefitting the players, and not my own agendas. I offer my sincere apologies, and rest assured I think taking a break from zeusing on liberation should be the best course of action. It is always a tough balance to strike, some people love the more hardcore aspects of having a dedicated Zeus, and some swear against it and will leave out anger of the decisions made by the Zeus.


It was amazing to see us hit a new playercount record of 35, and as always I thank the members of staff and devs that made this possible, but more importantly to the members of the community for sticking around and having a platform for us to provide these experiences.

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30 June, 2020

Dear █████ ████████,

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of your son Efreitor ████████’s passing in the events of 29 June, 2020. He fought valiantly for the lives of his comrades and brothers, and ultimately lay down his own as a hero.


His duty and skills as a combat engineer proved invaluable to his comrades, and the world is without a doubt a safer place because of him.


As well that I may not disclose the details of his last act, I assure you that, without it, many of his friends could not hence speak his name in such gratitude and reverence. It is little solace, but solace I cherish all the more for it.


With solemn regards,


Lieutenant █████████████

503rd SPD, █████ ASL




Exhibit 1 of 34


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Hello my beloved brother Oleg!

It is me, the little brother of you. I hope you are in good health and things are of greatness in Motherland Russia.
Please tell mama and babushka that I‘m in good condition and I have a great time here in [УДАЛЕНО] with my comrades.
I’m of writing to you in English because old friend Wanja told me that you learn the language of the spies as well as me. ха ха!
We were ordered of taking part in an operation this [УДАЛЕНО]. All went some kind of well for our team of soldiers. This time we had of 4 or 5 foreign brothers in arms from the brother land of nemezki in our group. At one time while on our way to the objective our transport apparat of wheels got in conflict with the terrain and the velocity - and your little brother got „yeeted“ out from the gunner seat to a flight (like sputnik) over the hard ground of [УДАЛЕНО]. ха ха! I went to the hospital but got back to my comrades very shortly after. It was like of some magic going on.
We arrived at hour first hold in [УДАЛЕНО] were we had to secure the south valley and saw some bad guys coming to us from far away. Im proud to say that I/we managed to stop these guys over a distance of the 3 quarters of a kilometrov. Despite the fact that I'm of not having scope and no magnification. 
So xarasho so far for us until we got to our main objektifnaya where we switched between of fighting from distance from a njet good spot towards [УДАЛЕНО]. At some time we were of storming to the compounds down the hill but got soon wounded and worse. Blyat. ха ха!
You can surely be proud of us, because my comrades and me were of able to eleminate the threads sooner and later. And I was even of possible to clear many buildings and took fotografias of the colorful carpets inside of the houses in [УДАЛЕНО]. We found a minefield around a kaput bus in the middle of that city, it was of very weird and your stupid brother managed to walk through that place avoiding all the explosions, but I didn‘t know about mines that time. Two of hour friends weren‘t of luck and got blown to pieces.
Two of our members in the squad were of problema with the radio apparat, but I think it was because they were of using amerikanski radio wave transmitting device. Instead of using the superior apparat from our Warsaw Pact.
Finally we arrived at the [УДАЛЕНО] of [УДАЛЕНО]. We saw many tanks and angry men there and one tank shoot me with his big kanonskaya and I swear by the founders of our motherland the thing just appeared behind your unaware brother. 
After I was back, I was of shooting and hitting with the little rocket pipe to damage a starting Suchoi that appears to be struggling to take off from the high velocity starting road. xa xa! 
It was of big chaos at this time and I lost nearly all of my team members and also was of very short of bullets for my kalashnikov, but got joined with the [УДАЛЕНО] team and we fought our way trough the rest of the [УДАЛЕНО]. 
It was surely a great mission and our team leaders and commanders and pilots and tank brothers did the best to bring us to be of fighting brave and organized and efficient. 
Whoever was of designing and planning and commanding this assault will become big hero of russia some day, I'm of sure.
After the combat we all visited nice town of  [УДАЛЕНО] and I was of buying a couple of nice and prekraznuyi little things for you, mama and babushka. 

I’m full of hopings to see you all soon in good health.
Take care of you, brother and tell babushka and mama to not be of sorrow. 
We will win this war for our prekraznaja motherland!


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