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Modded Invade and annex


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Hello everyone greetings Can you help me Implementing rhs and ace to this mission file? or if there already an instruction can you link down below..Im new to modding but i have some sqf editing skill...but limited...

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All of the following files would need editing:

  • \Scripts\arsenal\* This folder contains everything related to the arsenal and would either need to be replaced by an ace arsenal or tweaked to contain RHS and ace gear.
  • \Missions\*\* This folder and its subfolders contain most of the code related to the missions.  You'd need to replace all the CSAT enemies in there with whichever RHS faction you want to be your OPFOR faction. 
  • \Functions\AI\fn_mainAOSpawnHandler.sqf  Spawns enemies for main AOs
  • \Functions\Units\* most files in this folder spawn enemies for various missions
  • \Functions\Vehicle\fn_smhintsuccess.sqf Contains a number of vehicles that will be spawn as rewards for side missions

Additionally you also need to rip derp revive out of the mission, it's heavily tied into the teamkilling script and the arsenal so that won't be easy. 


And once you've done all of that most of the enemies should be replaced. Could be that I missed a file or 3-4. 

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