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Borderlands 2, L4D2, and Endless Space Gold have all been picked up. Oh and if anyone wants, I still have a copy of Nation read to gift out (I bought a 4 pack a long long time ago) (In a Galaxy Far Far Away)

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I picked up Sleeping Dogs and FTL.  I'd recommend Hotline Miami to anyone who hasn't got it, its super cheap right now and really good fun.


Also, whats the deal with the collectible cards?  Seems like a load of rubbish to me.

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Got CoH1 and GMod+CS-Source today and in sort of relevant new I also downloaded the Invasion 1944 mod so me and my WW2 fanatic friend can now play user missions(he always gets me to make us missions on ArmA2 OA that I sloppily put together but he enjoys then)with WW2 antiques .

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sell all your steam cards to people to buy more game's, seriously i've made $3.00 already selling them.people buy them intantly.


another note, this steam summer sale was dissapointing to me as i expect bundle's of joy not single game discounts. just me though, i enjoy getting a thq or bethesda bundle worth $300 for $60 or $70.

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