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I+A 3.5x >> class restriction is off


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I havnt paid any attention reading the past patch notes when I+A 3 was "updated",but the past change log mentios class restictions being balanced.

About a week ago,2 pubs that i delivred 2 of my expl charges to blow a tower one of which took also my TITAN compact launcher.

Which,in the past,was instantly deleted by the script about 5sec after the pickup of said weapon.

While in the example above that didnt happen,

The guy being a medic running happily along with my TITAN launcher.


Then,a few days ago i needed to swap for a repair spec slot in order to fix my "i dont recall yet",but it doesnt matter.

I´d left my TITAN launchers (AT+AA) in the vehicle and as i had fixed it i took one of my TITAN launchers and it wasnt deleted by the restriction script ... not after 1min,1 hour or the whole session.

So,if you being smart like me you slap a Toolkit and 1 missile less in your backpack and you are a mobile rocket and repair system.


I assume this one must have slipped and no one else noticed it?

This explains the ridicoulous amount of people using Statics (AT/AA/MG/GMGs) with ammo trucks and the like.


The script does work when you try to select the weapon via the arsenal,but you can easily avoid it by loading a existing setup that has the weapon of choice.



I demand a fix,asap.

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First,you taking this way to personal.

Second,logic does demand it.

As to why have a balance script running if it isnt working properly?


And no,dont thank me for mentioning it.

I´m quite sure 100s of others already told about ....

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39 minutes ago, TheScar said:

This explains the ridicoulous amount of people using Statics (AT/AA/MG/GMGs) with ammo trucks and the like.

Ridiculous = how many?


I don’t see much on that when I’m on as those that abuse the ammo truck with statics either get asked to stop or get balanced by Zeus’s. Also to add to that statics have been in the arsenal for all for as long as I can remember. (Not as long as you can remember I’m sure @TheScar 😂)


Medic with Titans is indeed an issue the way you have described it. If my memory serves me right I remember an admin ping from you about the guy stealing the Titan, did not get a yell back from you so assumed you got it back :) 


Going to have to mess with the titans and roles myself and see how far I can take it.

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