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[EU6]Zeus Operation Chingados Chapter 1 Week 2 Saturday 04-07 1700 UTC


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Operation Chingados

drugs_trafic (2).jpg


Backstory for the campaign

Welcome to the beautiful Tembelan island located in the gulf of mexico, which used to be a military training island before it was decommissioned. The island has since the decommissioning been opened up for civilians to settle and the Mexican police use the islands ex-army base as a training facility as well as housing the islands police force.


In later years the Los Zetas cartel has taken over most of the island pushing the police force back to the South of the island. They are currently using the island as a haven for drug production,human trafficking and gun smuggling.


A joint operation consisting of DEA,CIA and FEADS has been green lit,in an effort to cripple and stop the operation that Los Zetas is running.






Playable slots: 24


Player faction: Joint CIA and DEA element.




Its the second day after arriving at Tembelan Island, we just finished moving safehouses as our local asset that lended us his mansion suddenly got cold feet. We know the Zetas are up to something but we don't know exactly what yet so we are standing by at the new location until something happens.


Arma 3 launcher preset.


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