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Putting the fun into transportation mid- to late game

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It's possible yes.  I don't see why though.  The taru can transport almost as many people, is part of a cheaper DLC so more people probably have that one and it can land closer to AOs than the xi'an. 

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The xian is in the reward pool for side missions and also spawns at FOB Martian so there is already a decent chance that we will get a fair few during the day. 


Why would we need to add another to FOB guardian or move the one from Martian there? 


When the xian was added to a FOB there was a option for it to go to guardian but after long talks within the staff team we came to the decision that the best place for it to go was Martian.  I myself did lobby for the xian to go to guardian at first but in the end agreed to Martian and still do so I don’t see why it should be moved. 


I’m sure if you can sell the idea more convincingly you can change my mind and some others :)  

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my only argument is that this thing is just fun to fly, and i dont advocate to move it, but to add one to guardian as well.


Welp, there is the argument that its fast enough for later guardian ao's to reach them faster, for example the west ones which are more than 10km away ... so you reduce wait time for infantry which in turn increases fun for everyone and this creates more retention.


The main point is: its just stupid fun to fly

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Just to point out that there are Zeus's that will give one as a reward for a Zeus mission, we usually give 3 rewards per Zeus Op and I personally like to give one of the rewards as an air asset if the pilots have been doing a good job flying.

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