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Make it easier for new players to settle in



As a new player it is still confusing to me how the server and sub-servers work. I at first didn't understand the game type of each of the servers. I still quite frankly do not understand how to get out of spawn. I understand that all the information is available on the forums but I wish you could make it easier for new players by maybe showing a prompt on the screen when you join the server which lists all the different servers, what they are, a link to the rules, the ts and other guides like where to go from spawn. I know a lot of members will not go to the forums for help as they are new to the server and just leave.


Thanks for any feedback in advance. 

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I'm assuming EU1. The very best tip I can give you is, ask questions in chat.  You can also use , and . to cycle through channels in the ingame chat. Select the Side channel and fire away any questions you have.


...there are no stupid questions and all that...

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