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Hmm an Introduction well I'm mortama :D or morty if you wish :) and for those in RL well its Ryan :D

I'm a huge rpg fan!! final fantasy is my main game and i used 6years of my life up in FF11 so yes im googable "Mortama" lol.

I'm quite the crafter myself I'm not nearly as skilled as i wish i could be in minecraft but my ideas are grand and I hope my talent will grow to fulfill my imagination!

Right thats enough about me im off to craft!

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Just remember the first rule of minecraft: If it can be filled with lava, then so be it.

Hell yeah!!

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Favourite for me was FF8, always great stories from the series.

See you on minecraft :)

yes it was also my favorite to :D truly epic!

and as a side note I am so feckin drunk right now lol

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