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Ahoy Minecraft! - Plans for the Future


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The server is now up to a stable level. Permissions are working fine, everyone's (from what I can tell) pretty happy with what they can do and we'll be trickling in mods such as WorldEdit and the like in the near future. But there's a game plan - a sustainable end result that's not only enjoyable for creators and survivors alike but should serve to provide exponentially growing entertainment. Here's what we're going to be working towards.

Stage 1

The Idea

Our little world is already full of incredible constructions, from the winter villages in the south to Hogwarts in the north and the sprawling underground metro stretching across the map, there's already a lot of places to go. WorldGuard will soon be introduced, allowing players to control their own segments of the map and assigning build permissions to only those they feel are worthy. You preserve your creations so that others may use them.

The principal is to introduce survival into the mix, using the already-built constructions as safe havens and places to rest and stock up on resources. If you have a castle, think about putting beds there so travellers can sleep, and providing them with farmland and crops to survive. Make your buildings accessible. They may be difficult to find (or maybe even monster-ridden, dead cities with great treasures hidden away), but finding ways rewards them. Maybe a hard-to-find mountain path or an underground tunnel. Be creative and make an experience for the survivors.

Stage 2

Who does what?

Creators will create and survivors will survive. All regulars will have the choice of switching between creative and survival; it is only ordinary players that will be locked to survival. Server settings will mean that there will be more monsters than usual and said monsters will be a lot more vicious. If you, the current regular players, think this is a good idea, there will be a few ethical ground rules. No giving survival players hundreds of pieces of steak, for example. The idea is for them to survive and for their survival to be hard, not for you to impress them with your flying abilities.

Ordinary players can, of course, become creators if seen fit. If they like creating more than they like surviving, that's fine. We'll make them a builder and they can create all they like, making the world even better for the survivors.

Stage 3

What needs doing?

We're already very close to being able to implement this system. All that's needed in a well-managed WorldGuard system and the permissions tweaking and it's done. It's then the extras we can start to worry about.

If it's supposed to be hard to survive, we have to make it harder than Minecraft is by default. As mentioned above, the number and ferocity of the monsters will be increased, but there are other variables to consider. Money, for example.

The recently-implemented metro system provides fast travel to the most significant structures in the world. Let's think of these as cities. Cities could be exciting places where a traveller could purchase weapons, armour and materials. Maybe they could buy seeds to grow on their own farmland, or better materials for defence. Minerals such as diamonds will be hard for the travellers to attain due to the increased amount of monsters, so we will apply significant value to those materials.

Outside of the city, a traveller could strive to make more money to further their homestead. Materials from monsters are highly valuable but dangerous to attain. If everything had a value, we could start implementing a full-scale trading system. A survivor may hear that a village a long travel out of a safe haven may be selling Iron Ingots for a stupidly low price. They've struck a huge vein and can afford to sell it cheap. If the survivor dares to traverse the landscape and find the village, he can buy low and head back to a city to sell high, or simply use the materials for himself.

Stage 4

Your Ideas

Thinking about a project like this gets me really excited about the possibilites. We have a great team of highly skilled builders in this community and could easily create an immersive, interesting world. You can control eco-systems, trading, create dungeons and abandoned towns and villages as well as grand castles that are safe from the outside world.

Chime in with all the ideas you have and whether you think we should go ahead with this plan. If it's a yes, I can't wait to get started.

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Liking this Plan

My Village is currently populated only with Villagers, but ill look into providing each house with basic survival equipment I.E Bed, Furnace, Crafting Bench Etc

Though this Does make me want to create a survival dungeon with rewards though :P

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I like this also!

Just a thought, are there any mods that would allow creators to spawn npc guards at cities? They may beat up monsters that stray too close or that are chasing a wounded survivor who seeks shelter...? I have no idea if such a thing exists. I know the iron golems do this, but they wander around (and look kinda lame). A posted guard who only moves to dismember an unwelcome zombie, before returning to his post, would be lovely :)

Either way, I like!

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Love the sound of the idea Jack, and really like the idea of back stories that survivors may be able to uncover too, perhaps a builder might create an abandoned complex deep underground, with a story that must be pieced together by survivors as they find their way around the desolate structure! Really enjoyed creating the odd hidden treats around the map this evening/morning!

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^the guy above me is above me

I could make it possible for those on survival to get to my houses. Well, my house wih a farm on top. I would sell unusual things that they wouldn't need but would simplify things. (Minecarts with chests, stairs, bookcases, useless things like that.)

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Ciaran - I'd go for selling less than that. If we want people to stay and want it to feel like a survival experience, travel should take long and items, even if just aesthetic like bookcases, should be hard to attain.

Abandoned camps could offer maybe a few basic tools left behind by travellers, but players should make their way initially by selling the crap that's easy to get.

That's my ideas on it though - all need to chip in on a large brainstorming session. :P

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Are you suggesting that the prices wouldn't be extortionate? And revised list: Redstone Repeaters, Minecarts with Chests, and .... Glass Panes (cause they're a pane in the glass ha ha ha ha I know it's a terrible joke)

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Extortionate prices are good. Also to all those who are wanting to build cities and towns - make them difficult to reach. What I mean by that is make it so that the journey there could be a perilous one. Far enough away that you have to go through the night which, if you don't find shelter, would be deadly.

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