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Hello Ahoy World!


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I am pretty new to Arma 3 and have never played Arma 2, and was very glad to find that I can play with this group to get better at the game and hopefully be able to play with some sort of team. I also play a little Minecraft, but it's mostly Arma for me. Just wondering, do any of AW's servers use or require mods? I'd prefer that they don't because I am not familiar at all with Arma's mods.

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Hey and welcome to AW!

Our server do not require any mods at all and as far as I know, we plan to keep it that way for awhile. Now, we do support a nice immersion mod called the ShackTac Fireteam HUD. It helps you recognise who is in your squad and where they are within a 50m radius.


That mod isn't required to play but it is a very popular mod that the community uses so we do allow it.


If you ever decide to give it a go, ask someone around here and we'll gladly help you get it installed and working.


Hope to see you around!

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