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Advanced Towing


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Mod/map name :  Advanced Towing

Describe what it is:  A tool that allows vehicles to tow other vehicles.

Provide a link to the mod/map:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639837898

Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it:

Useful for when units need to move immobile vehicles. An example could be Alpha immobolizing three vehicles and they only got 2 working vehicles left. They or logi could go out there and tow the vehicles back to base/FOB. Another example could be when/if Logi has to return damaged vehicles from the battlefield. The vehicle might be lacking fuel or has damage that renders it undrivable. This mod would help find a suitable solution to often regular problem.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The staff team will discuss this request when we are looking to alter the modset for the next playthrough of liberation. I will get back to you once this has been discussed.

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