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Allow In-Game AI Difficulty Changer To Be Used

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I think we all agree the AI is far too powerful. I assume it's something that's been noted but I've yet to see a proper post on it. They are simply, too powerful.


We all know how the AI act when engaging us..


The difficulty I'm talking about is the "Recruit - Veteran" (or however they're labeled) settings in the server setup screen. We should be able to set those depending on how many people we have in the server to make things easier.


Also is it possible force 1st person and markers off? Only for a "hardcore" playstyle option when we have good players.


Is it possible to edit these settings from the lobby? I remember being able to do this in ArmA2.



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The AI set to 0.04 as seen above make them terribly bad. I played the night mission that's built in the BETA with them set like that and they can't hit you at 15m. They're absolutely terrible. There is a difference in the way the AI react in I&A and how they act when you can set them like this.




Something like this maybe? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20003

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I agree that would be a cool feature. I know I play a lot and usually have a pretty well put together squad, being that it sometimes makes objectives just too easy. Having the ability for admins to change the AI to a harder difficulty or even a hardcore function would be an awesome addition! :D

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If the ai were able to be suppressed. that would help a ton. 

right now its basically a waste of ammo to shoot unless its a clear shot. they dont even register bullets going past there head, besides looking where they came from and shooting back. 10x more accurately than you ever could

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They don't need to be easier, if anything more difficult.


@xOderusUrungusX can you expand on your point because I think if we make AI more difficult game just become more punishing and less fun :(


@Jeff I like your suggestion. We should get some sort of ingame settings for admins and moderators to tweak without restarting a server.


My personal experience I like AW Co-op mission but some times fighting AI can be very very very frustrating -_-' because they can instakill in seconds just a firing a couple shots at the enemy location.


In addition, playing with squad of people in the TeamSpeak make the mission more enjoyable and sometimes funny to play :D.


Also, I found this video which talks about Hard and Punishing games and what makes Hard/Fun games and Punishing/non-Fun games ;)

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Alright guys, after doing some research on this topic and some testing with Raz, it appears as though the AI settings that we are able to use in single player are non-existent in multiplayer.  This issue is a well reported issue on the forums and the bug submitting system.


That said, there is an "AI Server Skill" mod that can be installed on a server to tone them down a bit and it's customisable but I don't think it's something we will be using at the moment. It looks like we're going to have to wait until the devs fix their super-human abilities.

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