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[Suggestion] Main Base South Docks

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I think it would be nice and speed up things if I&A also hade some boats at the southern end of our main base, since there are two objectives down south at the coast, and probably more if we get some mission at the most southern lighthouse on the map.


There is already some typ of dock there, so a few boats shouldnt be hard to add, cus now it takes long enough if you have to get the northern boats and get down to Girna, its so slow!

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deli I just checked the dock that you talking about and I will say there is advantage and disadvantage of your suggestion.


Advantage: that could be a great second dock for the AW Co-op mission


Disadvantage: if you fall down from the docks you will able to get out (ladder on the dock does not work for me*).

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hmm haven't tried the ladder but since there is beach just to the left of the south docks you should be able to just get up there and run down those 20meters again to the docks!

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