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Can't eat as guest on Minecraft

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I will indeed make you a regular ASAP, razgriz33.

To reassure anyone wondering, here's the plan for the server.

Regulars and above (i.e. Trusted Regulars, VIPs and Admins) have access to near enough everything they need. Most notably they will be able to switch game modes from Survival to Creative. Currently, ordinary visitors to the server are provided with no building privileges - they can't build anything.

Once we have WorldGuard sorted out to protect spawn areas as well as regulars' creations, building rights will be allowed for ordinary visitors in free, unprotected zones. They will, however, be stuck in Survival mode, and we'll be turning monsters on. They'll start in safe spawn areas with access to resources and the like, but if they want to start playing and surviving they'll have to venture out. The finding of our creations will just serve as safe havens and eye candy.

As aforementioned, as soon as we have WorldGuard sorted out we'll begin.

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