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[EU6] 30\05 Saturday 1730UTC Campaign 6 Final OP


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Campaign 6 is coming to an end with this final attack on the insurgent stronghold. I encourage everyone who has time to come on and play!


FRAGO (Fragmented Operations Order), You can see older op-orders further up if you want to know how the campaign progressed.


Brief summary of last Saturdays event:


The patrol went even worse than we thought. Sure we knew there had to be trouble out there when we got asked by ARES-1 to assist them but no one expected this! Not enough that the region wasn't secured one bit but the Loyalists even openly attacked ARES-1 HQ and devasted the platoon. One of their squads was lucky to be out on patrol and we managed to MEDEVAC a heavily wounded soldier but that is now all that is remaining of ARES-1. Therefore, ARES Company HQ deemed them combat ineffective and is treating them back at the airfield. For us that means that we have to continue our patrol south without them to back us up if the need arises but nevertheless our platoons morale is still high as we are close to ending this damned civil war.


Modset: mso_6.html Drag and drop into launcher, it will install any missing items. Then see HERE for how-to on how to setup ACRE2.



This event will be a final attack against the insurgents stronghold, we are expecting heavy entrenched insurgents and fierce resistance.



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