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[EU3] Operation Iron Fist - Modded Zeus Gamenight 22/05/2020 @ 16:30 UTC


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Event Date: 22/05/2020


Event Start Time : 16:30 UTC


Server will open 30 minutes before kickoff to allow people to slot in early and troubleshoot mods or set up gear.


Briefing: After the very successful Operation Red Hammer, we sent a very cryptic code to our professional intelligence team, who managed to crack the code. Malden has recently started negotiating with a trading company overseas in around Africa, whom has been offloading a lot of shipment containers filled with unknown material. A police investigation was never concluded due to missing investigators. Yet again, the Royal Marines shall return victorious.


Mission: You must eliminate insurgent presence at the harbors, additionally you must find and destroy the shipments containing weaponry. You are also to find and kill or capture the Warlord in charge of the operation.




Player Slots:

Platco / 3-man command element

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie / 8-man infantry squads

Vortex / 2-man transport heli pilot team

Hammer / 3-man armor crew team (local authorities)


Player Assets:

- x3 Merlins (x2 gunship variants & x1 transport helicopter)

- x2 Lynx (8-man transport variants)

- x1 T-34-85

- x2 BTR-60PB


Expected Mission Length: 120 minutes (give/take a couple of minutes)


Mods required*: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2066221081

Modset identical to previous mission in series - "Operation Red Hammer"


Other Notes:

This is a Gamenight that was created and will be Zeused by SiegeSix.  If you have a mission that you would like to run for our community, please use our Gamenight request form found here: 


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Thank you for the attendence!

Thank you for the feedback, and thank you for the end of my two part gamenight series.

I'm glad you like the merciless playstyle I forced against where the AI gives zero fucks in regards to your situation. I think that really made some of you think an extra time about how you were gonna approach things.


Maybe there'll be something like this in the future. We'll see ;)

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