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Hello from Rob


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Hi everyone - I'm Rob (that name was taken on here and generally go by BackAnd2TheLeft or Legion FWAM in other games), been playing on AW pretty much every day since I found you and that was about 2 weeks after I started playing the awesome game that is ArmA 3, when the Alpha was first released!!


I'm in London, have my own business and love AW ArmA 3


My background is BF2 (hated BF3 and couldn't wait to buy a new machine when ArmA 3 was about to be released and so glad I did) and loads of other games going right the way back to the original hand held donkey kong and pac man.



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Welcome to AW, Rob.


See ya around.

Thanks Jeff :)

Welcome Rob !!



I guess that is what EA is doing nowadays, push all real gamers away to find real games ...

Thanks Kamaradski - I think you are spot on re EA - just mulching all similar games into one, with different titles.  Such a shame as BF2 was actually really good and I could actually run it on my old pc (unlike Arma2), but BF3 could have been called CoH or MoD!!  And BF4 looks like more of the same, although I have read that they say it will be different from CoD or MoH - not that I will be going back :D

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