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Slow download of mission file and then kicked


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not the first time I'm experiencing your server to provide the mission file with slow speed (but I have stable 100 mbps connection), and then after file is downloaded, kicking me because of idling. Am I really the only one having this issue? Could you look into this matter, please?

Thanks, vigidr

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You having a high download bandwidth does not mean that every server (along the chain of servers that make up your route to the AW EU#X server) will also upload to you with the same high bandwidth - far from it: Very few services will push your downstream bandwidth to the limit, as only some, for example Steam, need to do this and have the infrastructure and upload bandwidth for it.

The AW EU#X server you are downloading a mission file from is mostly busy running a live game, so chances are that sending the mission file to your client is more of a background task.

The machine hosting AW EU#X might also be hosting AW EU#Y at the same time, tightening bottlenecks (such as available bandwidth per client) even further.


A myriad of factors play into this, and sometimes, you might just have bad luck with your timing, routing or the server's workload.

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