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JJ Cakes

Wibbler Helicopter Transport Scenario + RHS-BAF

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I did some hacking on Wibbler's Helicopter Transport scenario to include helicopters from popular mods so you can get some flight time in non-vanilla helicopters.  I left the Ghosthawk and Hummingbird in from vanilla since those are staples of EU1 and added more choppahs.  Figured I might as well share with Ahoy and feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong spot.


Here's the Google Drive link to the .pbo:



Where do I put this thing?

Under your main Arma folder in the "Missions" folder.


What mods do I need?


3CB BAF Vehicles






How do I fire it up?

Under "Scenarios" in single player, or launch it as a multiplayer mission and you can set scenario parameters.  (Like set chance of AA manpads, set time of day, etc...)


What helicopters are there?





From mods:

CH 53-E


Merlin HC4 24

MH-6M Littlebird

Mi24-P Hind




Wildcat AH1 Transport


What else changed?

Pilot is no longer in vanilla gear

Spawned fireteam are US Army desert camo  and are team leader, AR, AR assist & rifleman instead of all riflemen (plus a bit of a skills bump)


Why didn't you just put this shiz on Steam?

Because that sounds like asking for work and complaining.


Who do I complain to if there's bugs or features I want?

Remember what I said about complaining?   But seriously, if there's a helicopter you really want to practice with and it's in one of those mods but not in the scenario, hit me up here or on Discord and I'll see what I can do.

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