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Improving the chopper dropable supplycrates



One of the underused features on the I&A3 are the supply crates you can load into your chopper at mainbase.

While they have a wider range of supplies in them than i expected some of the ammotypes are not represented (AK ammo or missiles like the vorona)  and in general there is not enough of some ammotypes to adequatly supply a bigger group of people.

I understand that we have a empty supplybox at the vehicle liftzone at mainbase which we can fill with the help of steve senior and bring to the battlefield. However the fact that you can only slingload it makes it quite a i would call it clumsy method of supply as you have to content with the occasional desync ripping the crate off your chopper and having to fly rather high for the box to not get destroyed hitting the ground. We already have the loadable crate from steve senior so i would ask if we could get the ability to load in that customfilled ammobox into the aircraft either in a similar manner as the standard steven senior crates or have them attach in the cargobox of larger aircraft which have a cargobay like the huron, mohawk, xian and possibly the vehicle transport blackfish.

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i see the use in the idea,altho i d limit crate transfer/loading  to certain aircrafts (like you mention d it) to certain aircrafts ( GH,Huron for main base and mission start,then on progress expand on the Taru and the Mohawk) - i dont see a need in MH9 and Hellcat in the need of crate ability.

Then again,why not bring the initial loadout of each chopper up to standards ?

For example,a GH should have :

  • 4 parachutes
  • FAK
  • Toolkit
  • Medkit
  • 10x 6,5
  • 10x whatever low caliber is most used
  • 2x MGammo 6,5
  • 3x4 smoke grenades (white,green,blue)
  • 5 chemlights
  • 2x Titan AT
  • 2x Vorona
  • 2x MAAWS
  • 2x explosive charges

this is up for discussion,but for a initial thougt so you get what i m saying


After all,its a much more convinient way to get a supply for the troops than having to request a crate,wait a long time,then have the wrong ammo loaded,etc.

Plus,most pubs go by air,so once a LZ is established,it shouldnt be to hard to get to sppply up for a limited degree at least.

Aaaaaaaand,it isnt that much of a workload for capable people like Miss Belgium,right?


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On 5/8/2020 at 9:49 AM, Stanhope said:

Shouldn't be possible, most of the code already exists anyways, just need to apply it to that crate and it should be good. 

How about an arsenal that deletes itself after 1 or 2 minutes? Should be fair and much easier for everyone.

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