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Modded Gamenight Clientside Mods

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Below is a list of accepted client side mods for all Ahoyworld Modded Gamenights:

(clientside mods are optional mods that a player can install that aren't forced by the server, that usually enhance things such as sounds, explosions etc.)


JSRS Soundmod:



JSRS RHS AIO Mod Pack Sound Support:



Dynasound 2:



Enhanced Soundscape:



Blastcore Edited (Standalone:)


Laxemann's Suppress:


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41 minutes ago, Lindi said:

Gona have to give that suppression mod out. Maybe I'd get some "commond sence" and actually duck when under fire with the help of that mod. :D

I'd second this opinion. It's a good way of knowing when the bullets are close and when the bullets are meant for you

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