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Hi from Germany


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Hello there,

Some of you already know me form the Public Server EU#1 and from Discord, but here I am. An Asian living in Germany, only getting out of his apartment to get food, get to work or go to an Anime Convention.

I also go by the name "TheKamaikaze" or "Long" (please note that there is an a in KamAikaze)

I also tend to make racist remarks as I am German and Asian and believe in equal treatment (so if i bulyy the asians, i also have to bully the others)

Agent Hitler.jpg

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Pleased to meet you, squire.

I also am not of Minehead but I in Peterborough Lincolnshire's house was given birth to.

But am staying in Peterborough Lincolnshire house all time during vor, due to nasty running sores , and was unable to go in the streets and play football or go to Nuremburg.


Am retired vindow cleaner and pacifist, who's not doing war crimes.

Oh... and am glad England vin Vorld Cup.

Bobby Charlton. Martin Peters.

And eating lots of chips and fish and hole in the toads and Dundee cakes on Piccadilly Line, don't you know old chap,

And I was head of Gestapo for 10 years. 


Five years! 


No! No! Nein!

I was not head of Gestapo at ALL!


I make joke!









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