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Calling in support (CAS & IDF) according to the USMC Basic School


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As the title says, this guide will teach you the USMC Basic School standardized procedures for Close air Support and Indirect Fire Support.

Note: No one expects you to know these things unless you are Platoon Command, RTO/FAC/JTAC/FO, a support element (Air/FSG) or are the leading SL in the field.


Therefore the linked PDFs down below provide:

  • Definitions for units, control measures, etc.
  • Step-by-step instructions for the communications between the one ordering and the one providing the respective support from doing the preparations to ending the mission
    • In the CAS-guide there is in addition to this also an example of a transitted 9-line
    • In the IDF-guide this is done individually for each of the different calls for fire (i.e. "adjust fire", "fire for effect", "suppressive fire" and "immediate suppression")
  • Examplatory forms for use in the field
    • In the CAS-guide: 9-line
    • In the IDF-guide: Calls for fire, Message to Observer, correcting the fire, repeating the mission and ending the mission
  • Links to the original pdfs from the USMC Basic School



CAS:CAS Request guide and form.pdf


IDF:IDF Request guide and form.pdf




23.04.2020, 13:38 - Added abstracts and definition sections to the guides to make reading easier (i.e. explaining attack controls, etc. at the start) and to provide the reader with more information (i.e. Airspace control measures for CAS, etc.)

19.08.2020, 14:36 - Added the files as downloadables instead of as links

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55 minutes ago, GhostDragon said:

there is a nineline mod somewhere that could be of use

Wouldn't introduce a new mod for something like this as it is barely used by the average player anyways and only by people who regulary lead Operations in the Field, play as Air element or as RTO/FAC/JTAC/FO.

I usually just have the forms (that I also included in the guides) in my OneNote and play with my surface in front of me. Alternatively people can just print them out.


Also the mod, if we mean the same one, for example doesn't include "call for suppression" and the "call for immediate suppression", unit-conversions, control measures, etc. So I tend to purely rely on the USMCs documents.:)

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3 hours ago, GhostDragon said:

Then we meant the same one. As I said, missing a few things and I wouldn't add mods if they aren't mandatory but insted just for making things easier for players. Only increases pack-size and offers potential to randomly break things.😀


Also if people haven't understood the calls by reading into them, they probably shouldn't use them anyways and instead just go for the "I am not a qualified JTAC and need support at xxxxxx now!" as the USMCs are proposing as well to make sure to not suggest abilities to the other station that you don't have.

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