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Attaching Tarupods to a Lift-Taru



Something i once saw on a Vanilla Arma 3 server was the ability to attach the tarupods to a Taru. The Pilot would first hook up the pod with the Taru and then via scrollwheel action the Chopper would reel in the Pod and attach it to the Taru.


The Advantages would be that the Taru gets more uses since you can transition between slingloading and transporting people (currently the Liftingtaru's we can get from sidemissions are kinda pointless since you cant transport people and most things that need to be lifted can be done by the Huron). If the Ammo/repair/fuelpods are added as well it would make transporting these supportboxes more consistent since desync wouldn't yank them off the chopper half of the time.

Disadvantages would be that since the transportpod and the lifting taru are different entities vehicle chat wouldnt work to communicate between pilot and passengers. Pilots could TK passengers easily by just dropping the pod midflight from height though on the mentioned server if the pod got detached in flight it would be deployed with a parachute.


If this gets added i would also put forth the idea to replace the Guardian Taru with a normal lifting version, adding inf-transportpods to guardian and to add the vehiclesupply pods to mainbase or even replace the huron containers with them since the pods can also be lifted by the huron.


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That's kind of the intention of the Taru. The idea that it should just sling a passenger section or even worse, a medical section loosely on the sling is just bizzare. No idea why Bohemia didn't finalise it by allowing it to clip the pod to the airframe properly.


I think that's a pretty neat idea, it's a pretty neat bird, especially if it's actually used properly.

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kinda funny how a niche thing can be implemented quite quickly

now,let me question my glasbowl about it,shall we?

Ima predict with certainty we will see way more beginner pilots try t omake use of the capabilities of that thing,logic or not doesnt matter

We ll have one less vehicle in GUardian (yes,the fuel truck) to get transport for desperate people,while we not have a med tent by default,but fkk it why not put alot pods for a questionable use in the ring ...

Anyone ever counted how usefull a Huron is?

Correct,it barely gets used for vehicle transport,let alone any of the Huron containers ever moved from base EVAR.


Now,standstill is communism but this .... yea,exactly

Thumbs up for the tought,thumbs down for it being anywhere near usefull.

Aaaaaaaand i luv flying the Taru,i m actually one of the 7,42% that bought the DLC 🤣

No offense,tho

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added sugar to the salt x2
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22 minutes ago, TheScar said:

... in order to service their jets and UAVs quicker to avoid the regular wait time for the service script

Let's not twist reality.

You know where to find both the feedback thread and the ideas box if you find this to be an issue and want to give some constructive feedback. 

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