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Attaching a Chemlight/IR Strobe to yourself



So here is an Idea i remember from the arma 2 ACE server i used to play on alot. Im not entirely sure if it is a ACE2 feature, a additional mod or a script but on that server if you had a chemlight or a IR strobe on your person you could attach it to yourself to visibly mark yourself as a friendly to other players (was a PvE server).


Ive got no Experience with Scripting in Arma but if that is possible it should help a bit with the teamkilling and it might even be relevant for I&A4. Then again i dont know if AI react to Chemlights/IR strobes or not.

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Time to do a shameless plug! :)


We have been hosting weekly game night events on Fridays and Sundays for a while now. These events require you to download missions specific mods and TS to participate in. The events feature a lot a more structured and team play oriented experience for the players that wish to expand on their Arma 3. Gameplay mods also enhance these game nights.


For more information on joining these events I suggest heading to the Events section of the forums and/or TS. https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/27-events/

I will also mention MSO (Multi Session Operation) that also features modified and customised content. More info can be found in the Events section and https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/169-multiple-session-operations/

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There is technically that capability in ACE3 for ArmA III but this mod is only used on the modded servers and not in relation to EU1.


Whether or not this could be a quick and easy script to throw in without completely collapsing the server in on itself, I don't know. There is a track record here of scripts going quite horribly wrong I believe, it's kind of a tradition for AW!


Maybe Stanhope can enlighten you, I think he does some of the developer stuff behind the curtains for I&A if you are indeed on about EU1.


Anyway I'm no mod nor script kiddo so I can't really say but I could see that being useful for night ops, though that'd be a longshot to prevent EU1 folk continuing to honour the tradition of blowing some friendlies hearts and minds against a wall. :P 

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I've messed around with this a bit and although it's certainly possible to write a script up real quick that attaches a chemlight to your shoulder:




it still causes some, how should I put it, issues.




If you know of any script that I can use in I&A3, let me know.  I know ace3 has this module, I know where to find their code.  But I can't use it due to the license under which ace3 is released. 


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I didn't play around with it any further, but this works as I think you want it to work:

chemlight attachTo [player, [0, 0, 0.05], "leftshoulder"];

Then all that's left to do is rotating the chemlight to the intended orientation.

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