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Arsenal update



Hello, I would like to suggest some additional equipments for arsenal.


I think having gendarmeire equipments in arsenal would be awesome. Gendarmeire is already a part of BLUFOR team and their equipments does not provide any advantageous stats to players. I want to see it in arsenal because it is a different look from, fully armed soldier look and rebellious - terrorist civillian look (such as deserter equipments).


Inorder to defend this argument from predicable counter-arguments;

Firstly, You may think gendarmerie is a civillian-ish class and it doesn't belong to arsenal. However, we already have deserter equipments which are civillian and also not a part of the BLUFOR team.!


Secondly, I think first one was the only one, so there is no reason to add that in arsenal! YAY!!

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Military Cap (Gendarmerie)






Gendarmerie Uniform



Gendarmerie Commander Uniform



Gendarmerie Vest


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