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[EU3] Operation Hit and Run - Modded Zeus Gamenight 17/4/2020 @ 17:30 UTC


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Event Date: 17/4/2020


Event Start Time: 17:30 UTC


Server will open 30 minutes before kickoff to allow people to slot in early and troubleshoot mods or set up gear.


Briefing: Local militia has captured two US hostages. We have determined the location of the hostages but we need to rescue and debrief them in order to locate the rest of the militia. A MARSOC unit has been deployed to the nearby USS Liberty in response. Rescue the hostages and gather intel to dismantle the militia.


Available slots:

1x 2 player command element

3x 6 player infantry squads

1x 2 player sniper team

4x MH-6 littlebird pilots


Expected Mission Length: 2 hrs


Mods required*: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2054892768

*If you've played in the "War for Altis" campaign you already have the required mods, you can either set up a new profile or just turn off the ones that are not included in the above collection.


Other Notes:

This is a Gamenight that was created and will be Zeused by BenjaminHL.  If you have a mission that you would like to run for our community, please use our Gamenight request form found here:


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@BenjaminHL you might want to make sure your event has the correct time in the calender as this is set to 21:30 UTC there but this post says 17:30 UTC.


If you are unsure what time 17:30 UTC is in your timezone, then you can just set it to 17:30 in the event and select GMT (it is the same time as UTC but just an actual timezone instead of a standard) as timezone in the bottom right.
This is the safest way of setting times in the calender, as it is then definitly correct and the calender automatically displays the starting time of the event converted to the timezone the viewer is in by itself anyways.



Apart from this I am really looking forward to the event (though I am not sure if I can make it :(), as your previous GNs usually were pretty good!:)

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