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War for Altis - Act 2 Mission 7 Modded Zeus Ops 12.04.20 @ 16:30 UTC


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16:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)

Act 2 - Might of the Bear

Part 7






            Altian forces managed to secure Molos and surroudning area and repel the VMF landing. The Russians took great risk by deciding to commit to another area rather than reinforce existing frontline and this loss will set them back fairly significantly. Altian intelligence reports that these events were a reason for Russian high command to be extremely displeased with actions of the general who was commanding the Altis Invasion force. Displeased enough that he was relieved of his duties as commanding officer and for the time being the senior commander of the Russian force is colonel Ivan Ivanovitch "The Shark" Bukov. Despite his aggressive nature he was reportedly ordered to hold the offensive until reinforcements arrive to assure adequate advantage. Intelligence is also fairly certain that the renowned general Vsevolod Mikhailovitch Izhutin, known more widely as "Chessmaster" - currently the commander of Malden Invasion Force - has requested to take command of the Altis force. While his request was denied for now, there are strong indications that he will be put in charge of Altis force when Malden falls.

            The situation on Malden is not good. The Russians are advancing slowly, but steadily, utilising every weakness of defending forces. It also seems that Chessmaster opted to increase his speed of advance to compensate for Russian failures on Altis. It is clear that despite decently sized US garrison stationed on Malden, the island won't hold for long.

            On Altis, however, for the first time there is some hope for the defense of the island. The loan provided by the Americans to buy weapons from manufacturers in USA and other NATO countries allowed Altian military to start replenishing equipment losses. As shipments start arriving on the archipelago and equipment and vehicles are distributed to frontline forces, high command grows hopeful in their ability to hold off the Russians. Of course there are still substantial Russian forces at reserve which could support the invasion, it is clear by now that neither Russia nor USA are willing to commit their full might to this conflict. While NATO and Russian troops are firing upon one another, the war is viewed as more of a proxy war rather than a clash between superpowers, with both sides trying to minimize possible escalation of the conflict.

            There is still the danger from Freedom forces, which for unknown reason are still opting not to move. Altian intelligence is working hard to discover their plans but there is still little information about what their intention is and what files they were trying to access on Gatekeeper servers.

            As Altian high command re-evaluates the defense plans and entertains themselves with an idea of re-taking part of the territory lost to Russians, shocking news come through: Freedom forces under command of Phantom have infiltrated a top-secret, high-security meeting. Their intentions are unknown, but now the Altian prime minister, minsiter of defense and several high-ranking military personnel are being held hostage.









The Assets

Player faction: Altian special forces

Player slots: 30

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + panther command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each

- Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot)




- UH-60, MH-6 and AH-6 helicopters



- Various wheeled support vehicles




The mission

Freedom troops operating under command of Phantom infiltrated a high-security meeting and taken hostages. Lives of prime minister, miniser of defense and several high-ranking military personnel are at stake. It is unkown what the intention of the enemy is - for all we know they might be planning to either kidnap or execute them. Decisive action must be taken to save the hostages  and Altian special forces are sent in to deal with the situation.


The modset:

The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184



For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook:




Hope to see you there!

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Situation overview



There isn't much information available. We don't know the composition of enemy forces or how far they have set up the perimeter. We also do not know which building the hostages are being held in or what the enemy intention towards the hostages is. They might plan a public execution for all we know, so our action must be decisive. Safety of the hostages, primarily the civilian officials (prime minister and minister of defence) should be of top priority.

There are 4 HVTs total - prime minister, minister of defence and two generals. There are possibly others, civilian staff or other military personnel. Action should be taken to ensure their safety, but the 4 HVTs mentioned before are deemed the most important.


Altian special forces start the operation in FOB east of the area. You should conduct recon fo the site to identify enemy positions and location fo the hostages before taking any offensive action. In daylight it will be impossible to save the hostages with stealth. We don't anticipate any fortified position apart from buildings themselves, as they had no time or resources to erect them, and we didnt have any they could capture either. The enemy have been on sight only for three hours.


As the enemy commander is the "legendary" Phantom, proceed with caution. We know virtually nothing about the man himself, but we know his way of operating. He is a master of ambush and infiltration and he always keeps some nasty tricks up his sleeves. His force is going to consist primarily or exculsively out of well-trained Freedom troops, but otherwise we can't be sure about the composition or presence of vehicles.

While it has been confirmed that Phantom himself is (or was) on site, dealing with him is not part of your mission. Many tried and failed, and you should focus on saving the hostages rather than chasing ghosts.

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