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Jean Lapin banned by Ghost


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Your name: Jean Lapin

Their name: Ghost

Date & Time: 01 april 2020 02:30 am CET

Description of events: I spammed my discord adress in the group channel to let a mate join it, while we were playing the same squad, for better communication.
Then I got banned for advertising.
It was definitly not advertising, but just an easy and inappropriate way (I got it...) to make sure the mate would get the discord adress.
To me it's just a misunderstanding.
I'd be glad to be able to play again on your servers.

PS: By the way, my apologies for pinging on discord, I filled this form 2 times before I knew I should sign in first... I thought I was ignored...

Evidence: https://discord.gg/*****
This is the link to the discord that I spammed for.
Please have a look to see I was not advertising.

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  • Xwatt changed the title to Jean Lapin banned by Ghost

Hi @Jean_Lapin


First things first to appeal a ban, you need to fill in a ban appeal using the form on the forums. 




Second I strongly recommend reading the rules of AhoyWorld;



and also the server specific rules, in this case I&A3


In this case you were banned from the EU1 I&A3 server for repeatedly spamming a discord link in chat. The AhoyWorld Staff strive to make sure that all the services you might need to enjoy Arma are provided for all players in our community. We provide players with both un-modded and modded arma servers and events, we provide our community with Discord and Team Speak services as well. Personally I see recruiting as an offence since we try to make sure everything is there using the funds the player base donated to AhoyWorld.


Having talked to you over PM I however feel you are sincere and did not mean any harm. Therefore I will reduce this ban to 30 days starting from today. I hope this time will be sufficient to reflect on what happened.



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