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AhoyWorld Antistasi Server





Run Antistasi modded server with TFAR on AhoyWorld domain.



Offer something different for AhoyWorld community.

Offer different Arma 3 experience.

Have some event-like session during the week in the evenning hours.
Example: We join 4 in the evenning, blow up CSAT factory and wave each other god night.


Allow some solo online gameplay that is persisted.
Example: I am sick from work, so I join during the day, inflirtrate CSAT airport and steal jet for resistance.  You come in the evenning wondering WTF.

Let me know if this would be possible and I ll start doing more in-depth research.







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After some research and testing, we feel the game mode antistasi itself is not viable to be left up persistently, as the actions of a single player can easily ruin the experience for all, and putting the rest of the people back to square one (intentionally killing the officer.) We feel it would be ideal for a weekly gamenight, as it would require heavy moderating for a successful mission.


On the other hand, we have been looking into other similar types of missions, and we feel KP Liberation would be an ideal gamemode to run persistently. Currently, we are still testing the mission back end, and with it being open source, we can make changes to the mission and adapt it to our playerbase. 


For the first two or so missions we may run them on a game night, so we can build up an FOB and introduce people who have not played the gamemode to the mechanics of Liberation. We will provide you with more information when we are ready for a public release.

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imagine this:

you spend hours to infiltrate csat base, gather resources, work hard, then sign off with pride in your work. then next day you hop on to enjoy the fuits of your endevours and find out that one random blew up everything and wasted everything, csat found your base because a troll fired mortars from it, 5 kajman  spawncamping you... all it takes is one troll and 5 minutes to ruin everyone's work


what im trying to say is it sounds good, but actually without constant moderation it would be just infuriating. the only way i could imagine to run this or something similar would be like a gamenight-like, once or twice in a week at set times, with moderators online, run it for a few hours and then close it, just to pick it up where you left off last week. thats the only way you or anybody could prevent it from being destroyed by one man who just wants to see the world burn


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Having the mission running for just an evening would be popo.


The mission itself would need a cleanup system and something to balance the number of enemies on the map as lengthy plays will suffer plenty of lag from ambient enemies and stuff laying around.








gotta add infinite IEDs and vodka to the arsenal box.

yeet out.

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Well if you are looking for persistent, meaningfull gameplay that works in a structured fashion (No Trolls/doing stupid stuff), then you can find exactly that on the AW MSO!

We play in a semirealistic way and it therefore definitly isn't allowed to just hop on and start doing some Rambo-like-bs as that pretty much is the opposite of semirealistic gameplay where we value the equipment and our (virtual) lives, but it certainly is allowed to hop onto the server at any time for two or more players and depending on the number of players do certain types of missions like recon for small numbers to small attacks for larger numbers. But the heart of the MSO are our large scale OPs that we are conducting every saturday at 1800 UTC (if not specified otherwise).
Also we play the MSO in campaigns with varying factions, enemies, locations, platoon layouts and surrounding scenarious to ensure diversity in gameplay. These campaigns typically last for a few months. For example right now we are playing as AAF forces fighting against rebels on Altis but last campaign we played as Nato survivors on a woodland map against Russian Forces. Before that our campaigns included playing as Spetznaz (on Altis and Tanoa) or Marines (in Afghanistan) fighting insurgents , or even being the insurgents ourself (on Fallujah)!

Server Performance:
Also no one needs to worry about the server performance as we are using two headless clients, are constantly tweaking things to get the best possible experience and the persistent ALiVE-system keeps check of units on the map itself.

Quick overview of the MSO / How to join / Screenshots & Trailer / Links to the Operation Orders from our last sessions:
If you liked what you read above and want to read a bit more or get involved then you can follow this link to find a more detailed explanation of what we are doing, a guide on how to download the mods and join us, some screenshots and a trailer and links to the OPORDERs from our last sessions to get a better feeling of what we are actually doing.

Hope to see you joining us!

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