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Armor Crew



What about implementing a rule that is crew required for operating a armor just like a rule for blackfoot?


I think a one person armor who acts like driver, gunner and comander is not possibile in real life and don't corresponds to Arma 3 because Arma 3 is realism-based, military tactical game.

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You might be able to ask staff or spartan's who are online on the server to reserve a vehicle if you have already assembled a crew to man it.


But otherwise, you won't find any cohesion or teamplay like that on EU1. If people want to one man an armoured vehicle and fill it with AT rockets, then that's life.


I'd recommend another server if you want any form of realism or tactics. I'd recommend the gamenights or MSO within AW if you wish to stick around for it.

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5 hours ago, THE PUNISHER said:

Arma 3 is realism-based, military tactical game.


emphasis on GAME. just because the real military does it, its not necessarily applicable in a game, considering the arma engine has limitations, plus EU1 is a casual environment.

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